Wednesday, November 28, 2012

And Maybe It's Because Of All Of You

Well, we did get some rain and it's not supposed to rain today but the sky is greasy-nickel again and yet, somehow, I have been in the best mood for at least twelve hours.
I know, right?
Twelve hours of contentment. Lord. Sure, yeah, I was asleep for eight of those hours but that still counts. And in the spirit of being grateful, I am reporting that and saying also that I have no idea why but it's true.
Maybe it's the Magic Of The Opera House.

Who knows? Not me.
We're coming along with the sound effects except for when I screw things up which is about forty times a rehearsal. I am the worst. I don't know why they let me do this.

Maybe it's the fact that Jessie and Vergil have set a wedding date which is April 13th of next year. They plan on getting married on a mountain near Asheville and so things are in motion. They chose that date due to availability circumstances for the place where they want to be married and get this- April 13 is Lily and Jason's anniversary which seems crazy but also funny. Lily doesn't care. She's just excited to think about a wedding, as are we all.
I got this e-mail from Jessie last night:

I sure am excited. I've told Melissa, May and Lil that next time I'm in town we will have to have a dress-trying-on party. May suggested lunch and I suggested sparkly, yummy drinks. I will dance for you in each dress I try on- that's a promise.

I hope your night is nice. I wish I could give you a big hug right now. I always need my mommy to hug me. 
Sleep well tonight. 

How could I not be in a good mood after reading that?

Or who knows? Maybe it could just be the soup I made yesterday. Sometimes when I am feeling overwhelmed, as I was yesterday, I make soup and it feels as if I am taking all of the niggling little details of worry of my life and combining them together, transforming them by the alchemy of heat and broth into something lovely and delicious and health-giving and the metaphor restores me just as the soup does.
The real soup, not the metaphor soup, has this in it:
Venison, onions, garlic, cabbage, tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, broccoli, corn, collards, edamame beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, black-eyed peas and brown rice.
I ate it twice yesterday and I will eat it again tonight. I think this soup could sustain life forever if you threw in a little fruit and yogurt.

Well, whatever the reason for my contentment is, I am grateful and thankful. A whole lot of both of those. Just thought I'd tell the universe about it, in case it wanted to throw more my way.

And one more thing, our beloved Beth Coyote told me to listen to some of Dina Martina's Christmas carols and so I went to Youtube and listened to this and it made me giggle and so I'm giving it to you in hopes that you might giggle too. Elizabeth, if you're going to do your annual Christmas Carol event, I strongly recommend you include this one.

Love from Lloyd...Ms. Moon



  2. Ellen Abbott- Thank-you!

    Madame King- And he's asleep in the head, too.

  3. I love soup. Yours sounds divine.

  4. It's happening! My best friend is getting married! I can't tell you how excited I am. This is like a birthday, past grade school sleepovers, and trips to Dog Island all woven into one day. There will definitely be some April showers on the weekend of the 13th, coming from my eyeballs.

  5. Thank you! For the post, for the idea of a shared wedding day in the mountains and for that ridiculous, hilarious carol. It made my morning.

    I was thinking about you last night, driving home alone in the Daylight Savings Time too early dark, when I took a shortcut through a neighborhood completely lit up for Christmas, and it was sparkly and lovely, after a fruitless search in three stores listening to awful carols. I thought about how some carols are so depressing, and I wanted to tell you that my favorite is Silent Night, played on the piano, no singing. Or sung in German. My next favorite is anything by Trans-Siberian Orchestra, which is an 80's big haired rock opera take on the traditional carols. Cheesy, but lovely to listen to. It's our tradition to watch the DVD or go see them live. It makes us all happy.

    Anyway, glad your soup worked, as metaphor and nourishment.


  6. The Dina Martina carol is hilarious, but Porky Pig singing Blue Christmas is still my favorite, fall-down-laughing carol.

    Glad today's a good day!

  7. Oh, I'm glad that today's a good day for you, Ms. Moon!

    And you know what? I am NOT going to do the Carol a Day this year -- not up to it. But I loved that one!

  8. I almost can't think of how beautiful a bride Jessie will be ... like a light that's too bright to look into.

  9. Yay for contentment. Struggling through my own journey of strangeness, I feel I'm beginning to better understand your struggles.

    It sure is nice to get a break though, isn't it?

  10. "Real soup not metaphor soup." I know what you mean.

  11. heartinhand- It's pretty good soup.

    Melissa- Lord, child. You know that's right.

    Mel- The only Christmas album I can barely stand is Jimmy Buffett's Christmas Island. Barely.
    I am finding some enjoyment in the Christmas lights this year. I swear. I am. A little.

    Nancy- I'll have to check that out.

    Elizabeth- Well, that's okay with me. That you're not doing the carol-a-day thing. I can handle the disappointment.

    Jo- I know. It's crazy, right?

    Ms. Fleur- Truer words were never said. I am so relieved right this second.

    DTG- I know you do, baby.

  12. Let's hear it for 12 hours of contenment! That's a pretty good run for anyone! :)

  13. Looks like you will have another official son in the family. Awesome!


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