Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's What's For Dinner (Lots Of Okra For One Thing)

Melissa is displaying the pickled okra. We opened that jar approximately four minutes ago.

Vergil is making his famous Man-Winning Biscuits. Yes. We are teasing him about that. Melissa is writing down the recipe.

Jessie is making a funny face. She is helping Vergil by eating biscuit dough.

Stewed tomatoes, pecan-encrusted grouper, and oven "fried" okra. 

Grits are on the stove. 

It's going to be a fine supper here in Lloyd tonight. 


  1. I need to try your okra because most okra does not float my boat. But I bet yours is yum-tacular. And that grouper looks like it would make me slap my mama.

  2. Oh yum!!!! Thanks for making me smile. Such a sweet family and that food makes me happy.

  3. Is everyone in your family like freakishly good-looking or what?

  4. Oh good god I love me some okra!!

  5. Now that's some Southern cooking! (Well, except true Southern okra would be fried, not "fried." :) )

  6. I always eat some of the dough when I eat biscuits. Sometimes I eat more dough than biscuit. :-)


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