Monday, November 19, 2012

Really? A Party?

The gorgeous weather continues and I hope it keeps on continuing because I guess we're having a party on Wednesday night. That would be, uh, day after tomorrow. Right?
I don't even know how this party got started. I swear. I can't remember. I suppose it was to get together with people coming back to town on the night before Thanksgiving and so one year I just cooked a big bowl of pasta and next thing you knew, it was a real party and people were bringing their guitars and fiddles and more food and then rum got involved and then oysters and kids and grandkids and next thing you know, people are calling me up and asking if there's going to be a party this year and well, yeah, I guess so.

And you know why I allow this to continue? Because there is always some magic involved.
People magic, mostly, and music magic for sure.
There is absolutely nothing in this world that makes me as happy as watching my kids listen to the same musicians playing together that they grew up listening to a billion, million years ago and that includes my first husband and his wife and by god, I love those two people and I know that's a crazy blessing and if I have to do some cleaning up around here and a little cooking and stressing out to make it happen, then so be it.
Add in the newer friends from only a million years back, and friends of the kids' and it's a pretty awesome party usually. When we looked at this house to buy almost ten years ago, one of the things I immediately knew about it was how incredible music would sound in it. I was right about that, too. Another great thing about it is that there are rooms which are so far away from the main part of the house and also hidden porches, that I can go and hide if things get overwhelming, which they sometimes do. I mean...come on. I get overwhelmed going to the Big Library. So there's always that safety net for me and frankly, by the time the party is really going strong, no one in the world would even notice if I disappeared.
So there's that.

But. I have two days to get things in order and so of course I woke up about fourteen times last night to worry about shit and fret and this is normal for me and today I need to get to town to buy stuff to make food and also food for Thanksgiving. Lily's hosting this year but I'm still doing some cooking. And I'm babysitting for the boys on Wednesday itself so that day won't be good for shit when it comes to party preparation. And Jessie won't be able to come this year (sigh and cry and moan and gnash teeth) so she won't be helping me. I remember one year she actually BORROWED A VACUUM CLEANER from a neighbor before the party because I don't own one. I find this hysterical. After the first ten people get here, who's going to notice that I don't vacuum? Plus...candles. And twinkle lights. Which actually have spider webs all over them. They'll probably still have spider webs all over them on Wednesday night and so what? I did do a little cleaning yesterday. I took everything off that vanity you see above and dusted and picked flowers although they'll probably be dead in two days and I'll have to pick  more.
We also moved Owen's giant cardboard house out and put it on the burn pile. So, see? I've started.

Jesus. The work involved! The agony!

So I better get off my ass and get going here. This old house isn't going to clean itself up and Costco can't cook everything. Well, they could but I haven't quite sunk to those depths yet. Almost.

God, it's a beautiful day and I feel better and every time I start to stress out I just remind myself that parties have a life of their own and this one always seems to work out and make people happy and that really, all I need to do is light the candles, plug in the twinkle lights and make a big bowl of pasta. Everything else will take care of itself.
Okay. That's not entirely true, but close. There has to be beer.
And maybe rum.

Happy Monday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You are hardy, Mrs. Moon! I think a party the night before Thanksgiving would send me gobbling into the woods. Of course, we've been partying, so it feels, here in Margaritaville, since Saturday. The bedrooms are full and, as I write this, there's a friend sleeping in my garage.

  2. Key rule to a party...your guests are there to see you, not your cobwebs! LOL!
    Enjoy every minute!

  3. We''ll be there in spirit. Maybe we'll even bring some imaginary pumpkin bread!

    This morning I heard "You can't always get what you want" just at the right time. That was perfection. just thought I'd share my Stones moment.

    Rock on.

  4. Oh have fun. I've been laboring to declutter, to get rid of or reshuffle so much stuff, and lord, I have too many books, but I found my dining room table and that opens up so many possibilities!

    Parties do have a life of their own and you know the best people, so it will be grand.

  5. Don't be surprised if I randomly walk by your long driveway, pass your chicken coop and slip in for some people/music magic. Sounds perfect. xo

  6. I know you'll have a blast, and thanks for reminding me that houses don't clean themselves. Next you'll tell me that staring into the mirror and ordering myself to be thin doesn't work either.

  7. Denise- But this year, Lily is doing the Big Dinner. It's like rainbows and unicorns for me. I swear!

    Heartinhand- Well, they'll see me until I disappear. Which may or may not happen. They'll see spider webs too but after a couple of beverages they hopefully won't care.

    Ms. Fleur- That song has sustained me many times. I'm glad it was there for you. Yes. It will be very odd for you guys not to be here.

    Mel- I do know some awesome people and sometimes they do come to this party. Dining room tables rock!

    Rachel- You will be welcomed with open arms.

    Nancy- Well damn. That would explain a lot.

  8. somehow the spiderwebs on the twinkle lights made me laugh.

    I love you so.

    XX Beth

  9. I have no problem with letting Costco do the cooking and sank to those depths many years ago. Life should be fun and not work and for me cooking for a lot of people is a lot of work. Have fun!

  10. Sounds really good. A great party will make itself. I like this quota from Duma Key--"Do the day and let the day do you."


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