Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So Grateful

I went to bed before it was all over. I lay there counting votes in my head. Thinking of how close it was in Florida. How damn close. And then at 1:30 I got texts from Hank and Jessie.

"He won!" said Jessie's.
"We did it!" said Hank's.

"Bless us," I thought.

It's stunning. This election put the lie to the fact that Americans are selfish and stupid. It showed that we can grow up. We can choose hope. We can put facts over fantasy. We don't want the government to control the decisions we make about our own bodies. We don't believe there's such a thing as non-forcible rape. We WANT health care. We believe in equality and dignity and rights for all citizens.

We want Barack Obama to continue to be our president.

I can barely begin to process all of this. But I am so happy.

Just got another text from Lily.
"Boys are on their way. Isn't it a glorious day?"

Yes. Yes. YES!

So grateful. For this glorious day.


  1. Congratulations! And thank you to all of you who voted right!

    It was close, though, eh?

  2. hallelujah for that.......... I was actually getting a little scared there for a moment!!!x

  3. so very grateful, yes. a weight is lifted.
    My daughter gets to grow up during one of the best 8-year periods ever.

  4. For once in my life, I jumped out of bed as soon as I woke up. Kind of like Christmas as a kid. I was not disappointed. Indeed I am very relieved and very happy.

  5. Well, I know that I am relieved that he was voted in again.. I strongly believe that he takes a longer view than that Romney person, and is a lot truer to his causes too... I hope that the next four years will prove us right, and you all will be happy and prosperous again, and just maybe we might even have peace again** I do hope so, so that we can bring all our soldiers home safe and sound... God bless you all, and America too! xx

  6. It's a good day.
    A DAMN fine day !!!!!

  7. The closer the win, the tighter the race, the more exhilarating it is --


  8. Close? Somebody needs to recount. It was a drumming. Only two states flipped from '08. I'm claiming FL. We know from experience that is the only way to win FL.

    4 more years, oh hell yes, all damn day long and into the night.


  9. Exhaaaaaaaaaaale! I watched the whole thing. When he won I pounded my couch a million times. We did it!

  10. Dear Mary, thank you for walking this walk with me, every step of the way. You show me what is good and true every day. You and your wonderful family. Enjoy, enjoy this day. How fitting to spend it with your boys.

  11. So happy that you're happy . . . I heard the news at 6.45am and thought of you. I'm glad he won. I find it shocking that anyone would vote for the other clown.
    Enjoy your celebrations x x

  12. What a night ~ I didn't get to bed until 2:30! Love the top photo; in Our President's speech he said, "Michelle, I have never loved you more. I'm proud to watch America fall in love with you."

    I love that we have a real and a loving family in the White House. Bless their hearts!

  13. Not sure whose lips and ears were involved, but I am indeed a happy camper and celebrating all the things you just mentioned about who we are as a country... or at least the majority of us!

    WOOT! Hossanah and HEEEEELLS YEA!!!

  14. So relieved and glad. What a great day! He is my HP today,

  15. Big smile and a whoop! You always say it just right.


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