Thursday, November 15, 2012

Despite The Fact That It's Still Gray

First off, let me say how much I do so appreciate all of the sweet comments you've been leaving me. God, by now I can't imagine why all of you don't just say, "Oh, fuck her. She is so crazy. I am so done with that crazy old woman."
I mean- I get to the point where I'm done with myself.
Or at least as far as I can be done with myself.

I'm feeling some better today. I've just eaten a bowl of oatmeal with raisins. You know what I've recently decided? That I like the regular rolled oats better than the steel-cut ones. I know that's wrong but fuck it. I like what I like. I heard Martha Stewart on NPR the other day admit that she loves Velveeta cheese. That she has never bought any but if she's at someone's house and they have it, she always gets some and loves it.
This made me want to kiss her. I, too, love Velveeta Cheese. Sometimes the crap is not only just fine, it is fantastic. Not that I'd ever SWOON over Velveeta but dammit, it has its place and so do rolled oats.
And in that vein, let me say that Bravo TV has its place as well. And last night MY place was on that couch with that dog, huddled up under an old comforter watching one episode of crap-TV after another. I watched some Real Housewives, some Top Chef. It was awesome.

My mother called me last night. She actually remembered her appointment for today and offered to take the Assisted Living bus instead of having me take her. I almost tearfully told her that I would appreciate that. It was actually a very sweet small moment. So. I only have to go get my teeth cleaned today. I so much resent the fact that we have these meat-bodies that need tending and taking care of.
And I talked to my husband whom I think is missing us, missing his home. He is loving being outdoors in such a beautiful place but I do believe that by Saturday, he'll be very happy to come back to Florida to his own bed, his grandchildren, his life, his wife.
I'll be glad too.
And I slept in the guest room on that Tempur-Pedic mattress and I covered up every tiny little LCD light in the room with diapers (that's where I change the boys, or now, only the boy, since Owen is out of diapers) and I slept lovely and my aches and my pains are not nearly as bad today. So, there is that. I did have some strange dreams but they were not torturous and they were, in fact, slightly amusing in some aspects so- free entertainment!

And this morning, our beloved Ms. Bastard sent me a link where I found this picture

and you know that makes me happy.

Gotta run.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All of you who make me feel as if I am not alone and that despite my insanity, you don't mind popping by for a bit of a chat, a hug, a piece of Velveeta.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I like Martha since she's been in prison. She has some street cred now. And all her recipes are fantastic because she stole them all from Julia Child.

  2. I hope no one sends you a case of Velveeta. Well, then again, you might like that. Hoping your day is smooth and velvety....
    So glad you're feeling a bit better.

  3. Oh we don't mind stopping by. In fact, we revel in it.

  4. It is cold and raining here today. I like it. Roaring fire, reading some blogs and then heading out into the cold. But I'm glad that you are liking what you like--Velveeta or rolled oats. Velveeta is still great for mac and cheese!

  5. Yep, I'm a fan of Velvetta too. I have to sneak it into the house because my Sweetie (the goumet chef) has a minor melt down if he finds anything processed in the fridge. It's a guilty pleasure that I intend to hold on to, and the mini box is easy to hide in a fridge behind all the leafy green stuff. Cheers!
    Lori in Atlanta

  6. I, too, prefer rolled oats. Steel-cut ones taste like cardboard, to me. And Velveeta cheese dip with Rotel? Oh, my god.

    I'm glad you're feeling a bit better.

  7. I swear there were many years when Velveeta was the only cheese my mother bought. I have conflicted feelings about the stuff now.

  8. Don't give your readers the wrong idea - I don't think there was ever Velveeta in our house growing up! May and I sure did love it when we went to Mawmaw and Pawpaw's house, though.

    Hey, did you see this?

  9. Velveeta, yum. Now I realize I have neglected a part of my children's education! I might have to go buy some.

  10. Glad you are feeling a bit better.

  11. Here in Ideeho there's an actual grocery aisle label, "Jar Cheese". We can home in on our Velveeta and load our carts up, jars upon jars, with ease. If we're into that kind of thing.

    Personally, i hate cheese. I know it's fascist and unAmerican, but it just tastes funky to me.

  12. I love my job but the one thing I miss is keeping up with my favorite blogs. I think I must have missed something here. Oh well, I am no one to talk about craziness since I have it mega bad. You sound good.

  13. I heard that on NPR, too. I found out I actually like Marthe Stewart.

    You I've like for awhile. :)

    I hope you continue feeling less like dying and more like kicking up your heels.

  14. There is a place for out-of-the-box potatoes too, I hate to say it. I love them.

  15. What on earth is Velveeta cheese? The mind boggles..... The things I miss out on by being born on the other side of the Atlantic!

    I have the November blues. Maybe a jar of Velveeta would help? Cheese in a jar? Amazing!

  16. There is something about Velveeta. I'm the same way about that canned squeezy cheese. I think it's a nostalgia thing. We always had it growing up on celery and I would still eat it (although I never buy it.)

  17. Madame King- If you're gonna steal, steal from the best. Yeah, I think prison was really good for her in some way. She's lightened up considerably.

    Denise- A case of Velveeta. I think you could write a detective novel with that title.

    Jill- And that makes me so lucky.

    Syd- The BEST for mac and cheese.

    Lori- Hello! I love the image of your mini box of Velveeta hiding in the refrigerator. That's awesome!

    Elizabeth- That "queso" shit is the best shit on the planet. I could bathe in it.

    Stephanie- I can understand why.

    DTG- I know. As I hippie, I was ashamed to buy it. Now that I'm an OLD hippie, I'm still ashamed to buy it. But it is tasty and it melts so nicely. Because it's probably about 99% saturated fat.
    That was an awesome restaurant review. I wish I'd written it.

    Angella- Make the cheese dip with Rotel tomatoes. Truly, it is god's gift.

    Sarah- Thanks, sugar.

    Ajax- Nah. I think that's un-French, which makes it okay. I WiSH I didn't like cheese.

    Rubye Jack- You have a job? How did I miss this?

    See Kate Run- Well, I'm not exactly thinking about kicking up my heels but I am feeling better. Thanks.

    Nicol- Recommended brand?

    Annicles- Actually, Velveeta comes in a brick. Now, Cheez-Whiz comes in a jar and it's awesome too.

    Blue Gal- Yeah. I do believe that nostalgia influences the taste buds. For sure.

  18. I love you. Thanks for the mention. Glad you enjoyed the Keif article.

  19. :::Running to check the brand in the 'fridge:::

    Betty Crocker, Potato Buds.

    I think I was craving the cheap, canned gravy because you were talking about pot-pies last week! :-)

    The influence you have!

  20. I commented this morning but it never too. FYI, steel cut oats are not really nutritionally very different than regular rolled oats, so eat whatchalike mama Moon.
    I love both.
    Try the Steel cut in the crock pot over night, one cup of the oats, 4.5 cups water and I add one cubed or shredded peeled apple a cup of raisins or mix of raisins and craisins and sometimes a cup of fresh cranberries. Apricots are also good. And cinnamon sticks. Cool on low overnight. You can do it with the rolled oats too, if you want, just add 2 cups instead of the one of steel cut. Nice to wake up to warm porriage.
    I made some broc soup with light velveta and it was delish.
    thinking of you...


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