Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Old Mer Mer, She Is Not Feeling Well

I'm feeling so shitty that I'm letting Dolly the dog lay on the couch with me.
Dies this mean I'm dying?


  1. Oh, Mary. It is just that part of your heart is up here in Canada. He will be home soon. Allow yourself a good long cry. And here is a hug from Canada.((((Mary)))

  2. Feel better. I just had some wine. I feel better.

  3. Doesn't sound good...hope you get a good sleep tonight and feel better in the morning!

  4. Ha! The dog is probably saying the same thing. "She's letting me on the couch with her. I must be dying."

    Feel better soon.

  5. Last time my husband was out of town for several days, I had just had a frightening sleep/dream/night experience and I did not want to be home by myself so I spent those nights with one of my daughters. Worked for me.

  6. Nice photo. I'm glad that you are snuggling with the dog.

  7. Aw. Well, i tend to think it's gonna take a lot more than the dog on the couch to do you in. Meanwhile, what Nancy said, i'm sure the dog is certain it's died and gone to heaven.

  8. ((((((Mary)))))

    How many more days till the hunter returns? I think the beard shaving unnerved you a bit and its making the wait hard. But don't worry. All is well. I love you and I get all this too. xo

  9. I think it's something ethereal...I feel the same. And have been crying about the stupidest shit all day. And for the life of me...don't know why.

  10. Not unless you've crawled out to the chicken coop.

    Honestly, though, I want to say "hang in there," but I hate that saying. In fact, I hate all the requisite sayings.

    I AM thinking about you, though, and hear you.

  11. Sleep. Breathe. Hope for a happier tomorrow.

  12. Sending you love. You're not dying (well, we're all dying)but I hope you feel better fast xx

  13. Even when you're sick, you look good! Feel better soon!

  14. Have you tried putting your head between your knees? It probably won't help, but it will be funny ;)
    Cheer up. I love the picture, it has a cool chick in it.

  15. seems like all the ladies i know are On The Verge

    a warm snuggle from a stinky dog is a perfectly acceptable sub for Mr Moon


  16. Birdie- Yep. He'll be home tomorrow.

    Ms. Fleur- I'm too mean to die.

    Nicol- I'm a strong believer in whatever-it-takes.

    Mama D- Did and did!

    Nancy- That made me laugh. For real.

    Kristin- Well, I'm sort of addicted to my own bed(s).

    Syd- We weren't exactly snuggling but it was still nice.

    Ajax- Oh, the dogs sleep on the couch all the time. Just usually not with me.

    Angella- You're an angel. I love you.

    DTG- Psychotherapy? Maybe?

    Akannie- Lord. I hate it when that happens. What is wrong with us?

    Elizabeth- You're precious. I managed to walk to the chicken coop.

    Denise- That's about all you can do sometimes.

    Jo- It's all a matter of degree, isn't it?

    Lora- Oh god. Not really. But thank-you, sweet mama.

    Brother Wrecking Ball- As good advice as any. Cool chick? You crack me up, you sweet man.

    Michelle- Women On The Verge. Yes. Of something. Darling- it's always a joy when you come around.

  17. You look like May May in the photo. I love May May.

  18. You are so pretty. You look about 18.


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