Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Sort Of Love Letter

It's time for bed and I'm thinking of folks I know through here, some of them going through really tough and really difficult and really stressful times and I'm thinking of how sometimes it's so hard to know what to say in the little comment boxes beyond I'm thinking of you, I'm sorry, I hope for things to be better soon, I hope for things to turn out okay....
But please, if you are one of these people (and if you think you may be, you are) then please know that your troubles do profoundly touch my heart and I carry you around with me there, in my heart, and I wish I could give you heart's ease.

I am thinking that tonight. I am going to bed with you on my mind. In my heart.

Be well, all. Be at peace.

I would wish that for you.



  1. That is lovely. I hope I am one of them, because I tell you, my ole heart needs some ease.

    Things are improving slowly, slowly. But they are improving.

    I hope that you are doing well and enjoying the glory of Lloyd. I sure do miss it.

    Blessings one and all.

  2. For me, I'm very lucky tonight with my warm home and a place to be in the morning, but for those times when I'm not so lucky all I need is a thinking of you from a friend. I think that is all we all need Mary, a friend who thinks of us in their heart.
    Peace friend.

  3. You're so sweet! Totally in the way that's good. (The bad way, I suppose would be the sweet that would give a person diabetes?)

  4. Nice. I do my best to minimize stress. Matter over mind which sometimes works--LOL. Thanks for the thoughts sent out to all.

  5. And the same to you always Mary. Though I haven't commented anywhere much for so long. I get quiet when I'm processing.

    Here's to getting through all this Christmas stuff:)

    ( and I have a new blog home fyi , don't know if you want to change the sidebar? I haven't figured out how to do my own )

  6. Your love is always felt.


  7. I truly believe that when you bless others, you bless yourself. May your blessings be multiplied.


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