Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Short Report

I am in a fine mood today and maybe it was the good sleep I had with dreams that could have been scary but weren't, the walk I took or the smoothie I made with fruit and yogurt and collards and kale.
Uh. Probably not that last one.

Whatever, I am taking it, this fine mood, and am about to go meet Lily and Gibson at the Costco.

I will try not to let the Xmas Muzak ruin my day.

All love...Ms. Moon


  1. I hope your day continues to be a fine one. Do you ever get a hot dog when you are at Costco? I admit to having one more often than not after I finish shopping.

  2. Enjoy! That photo in your header is of Owen, right? It's so funny how gee's already so much himself in it, the curious turn of his head, so like him still. I already said, but that is a simply perfect photo. That and the one of him and his Boppy fishing will be among the many photo memories treasured by him when he grows up.

  3. Call me crazy but I love Christmas music when I'm out and about because I never play any at home. ha ha

  4. There's a radio in the second room of the antique store that we have on for the entertainment of the customers. I suppose we are supposed to have the one by the desk on too but I never do. the station the other one is set on starts playing only christmas music the day after Halloween. ack! I have it turned down low enough on my days that I can't hear it and must cover my ears when I close up for the day to turn it off.

  5. Today on our morning promenade, we walked past a house with a man eating breakfast on his front stoop to Louis Armstrong playing Christmas music. Loudly. It was perfect.


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