Thursday, December 24, 2015

Kiss, I told them. They did.

It was a beautiful evening.

 Two of my girls and me.

Our friend Kelly and her gorgeous Mini Me, Wiley Cash. 

Our Taylor and August.
 Owen in front of the tree.

Another shot of Jessie and Vergil and August.

Hank and Owen doing pirate things.

August, standing up. 

Gibson, having a mama moment.

Soon to be a family of five. Can you believe it?

May, Michael, and his mama Chris. What a beautiful woman!

Boppy holding his August. 

I am so tired. And that's okay. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It's all so heart warming. Just beautiful. I love your family. Owen is getting so big!

  2. Family. It's the best ever. Even if we get a wee bit tired... They are there to hold us up, or simply to hold us.

    XXX Beth

  3. So good to see you all.
    Much love,

  4. Happy Christmas, Darling Mary. You look completely beautiful.

    I must have a shower today.

    August looks like a dolly in that first photo. I hope it's sooner rather than later for Lily, she looks very full of baby! Do she have an estimate for how big the baby's going to be?

    Chris looks like Kathleen and Liz rolled together - she looks like one of your Ladies to me.

  5. A blessed and beautiful Christmas to you and your whole wonderful family!

  6. Have a wonderful live filled day sweet Mary. I know you will. Lovely photos!

  7. so sweet. those boys are getting so big. what a wonderful family you have. and you look lovely. is that jacket the red velvet? did you wear it after all?

    my christmas family gatherings growing up were supposed to be all lovey and sappy. any spirited conversation was quickly quelled by my mother who didn't want any kind of 'disagreements' on christmas. consequently there wasn't much in the way of conversation or fun.

  8. Family. The very best thing about Christmas.

    Your words about Owen and Hank doing private things reminded me when my daughter was three she got a doll for Christmas and my brother walked in the room and while she was changing the dolls diaper. Three year old daughter looked at my brother and sternly told him that she was "doing her personal private business" and that he had to leave.

  9. You may be tired, but you look great anyway!

  10. I love that pic of you! It's your signature look!


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