Thursday, December 10, 2015


Anxiety or morning existential angst? Worry or fear? Real or imaginary? Paralyzed or lazy?
Let the chickens out, flick a speck of shit off an egg with my thumbnail.
Breathe and breathe and breathe and notice this.

I will be okay. 


  1. one step at a time, one day at a time. breathe in those earthy microbes.

  2. Sorry that you are anxious. Sending a hug to you. Sorry to have been wrapped up in stuff here. Lots going on.

  3. What a perfect bloom. Wishing you some good distraction from the anxiety, if indeed distraction can even help.

  4. Man I need to breathe! Bug crazy day here yesterday at work and I just feel all of the years stress is churning around. I hear you Mary. Thankfully today I woke up feeling better. I was an angry butterball of stress and anxiety. Sorry I made this comment all about me. I just so relate to this Mary.

  5. That's pretty damn astounding. It looks like porcelain.

  6. I think my peonies fill the roll of your camellias, so precious...Apparently gardening is good for what ails you... as in the above mentioned microbes help with the anxiety and all the etceteras like that... So being a gardener is sounding like a good choice to me. Today I planted the last three potted plants I had put off for so long. They were totally fine.It happens every year. They had all sent sturdy little explorer roots down through the drain holes!)what with no proper winter weather here, I dug into the dirt with remembered joy and tamped them into place all safe and ready to grow well next spring. Hugs Carroll

  7. Usually it is the smallest things that drag us out of my anxiety. This morning it was this.

    At my high school reunion a few years back I was sitting with about 10 women that I have known since we were 5 and this song came on and we all started singing.

    Sweet Caroline! buh, buh, buh...

    It made me happy. Because I have known these beautiful people longer than anyone and they know me and we know all the cracks and imperfections and yet... the love!

    Sweet Caroline! buh, buh, buh

    I am glad you had your little pink camellia this morning. :-)

  8. Ellen Abbott- That does help.

    Syd- Don't you ever apologize! I am just so glad to see you here. Live your life!

    Angella- Thank you. Love you.

    jenny_o- Sometimes it does.

    Leisha- It helps us all to know we are not alone. Me too. Thank you.

    Elizabeth- It does. A miracle if you ask me.

    Big Mamabird- There is nothing like putting growing life into the ground. Hurray!

    Birdie- Yes. That is it. Being loved by people who truly know you. There's nothing like it.

  9. I think it looks like it's made from the finest rose scented lady's soap.

    I will stick a hand in the air again for free youtube anxiety release meditations. Helps with breathing/not thinking for little oasises of time.


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