Friday, December 11, 2015

If I Only Had A Brain

Tomorrow is the Virgin of Guadalupe's Day and I have given my own darling Guadalupe new rose lights and cleaned her up. Isn't she pretty?

Company coming this afternoon and I, with my anxiety brain am trying to figure out what to do this morning. I NEED to take a walk and thaw some venison and put a dry rub on it and clean out the hen house and finish up some tidying here and, and, and...
And of course I want to go see Baby August and his mama and I'm not sure how to get all of this done and so I sit paralyzed, trying to figure it out and the minutes and hours go by and if I'd gotten up at a reasonable time I could have done it all but no.
Every time I take my hand off of Maurice in bed in the morning, she politely bites me and grabs my hand and puts it back on her so it's all her fault again. Her fault with her little orange warm body which has its winter coat, softer than silk.
"It's okay, mama," she says. "Sleep some more."
And I do and then I get up and panic, and she, of course, stays in the bed because she is a cat and having grown that winter coat, has no more obligations whatsoever.
In her perfect world food magically appears, there are always lizards to chase, chickens to watch over, innumerable cozy places to drowse and dream and someone to pet her every time she feels that need.

Next lifetime I'm going to be a cat. This being a human is way too stressful.

Happy Friday.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Being a grandmother is really great too.
    I hope you get to see August very soon.

  2. ah well, you've got the list so just start at the top. no need to think or decide. I slept well last night but still feel sleepy, like I could totally waste the entire day. except just being and not doing isn't exactly wasting.

  3. I also tend to freeze and do nothing when the to-do list is too long. I wander about the house in a daze all day and then do everything in a flurry in the evening. I hope that after you do everything that needs to be done, you can have a Virgin of Guadalupe day doing only what you want.

  4. Ugh. I know this feeling. Yesterday I had things to do by a deadline and couldn't figure out what to do first or when. Finally I made out a time chart and realized to get the minimum done I was already late starting. Good luck with your day!

  5. I am convinced that being a house cat is how we reach Nirvana.

  6. It would be good to be a cat, as long as you're a cat with a home. Being a cat without a home would be hard, I think. Maurice definitely has it made.


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