Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Photogenic Day

That was what the sky looked like when we ate outside at Fanny's today. Simply glorious.
The whole day was pretty darn glorious. We all held August a lot.

Right after I took this picture, Gibson decided he was done and very gently let August roll to the couch beside him. He didn't even whimper. Well, it was like six inches and it was a couch, not a tile floor. Big G might need to work on his baby-holding skills a bit before his sister gets here.

That was at Jessie's house as was this.

Lily's baby-holding skills are perfect.

As are May's.

Hank's, too. 

Yep. We passed that child around like a party favor. 
Which he is. 
The best party favor.

And it was just the best day. We got a little shopping done, we had our lunches, we went to Costco (some of us) and all through it, Gus was a perfect boy, barely fussing at all, getting his meals when he wanted them, getting his diaper changed, taking it all in and considering and pondering carefully, occasionally breaking out in a big old goofy smile and having a little chat with whoever was holding him. 

We laughed so much. 

We were downright... dare I say it? Merry. With that beautiful blue sky above us.

Damn that felt good.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. "We passed that child around like a party favor." My favorite line. Oh, he is a beautiful boy. Just beautiful.

  2. I'm so glad that you were all merry. Lord knows we need some more merry -- both the making and the being, especially in these parts. It made my heart glad to see these photos.

  3. Being merry is good. I miss having little babies around when I see your photos. Not enough to have another one myself, but I still miss them a little. :-)

  4. you are so lucky to have new babies coming into your life. and Gibson doesn't look too sure about this baby holding business.

  5. Wow, I missed a lot. I'm all caught up now and hope today is a good one. Wonderful photographs, and a nice new sturdy roof over your head and lots of hugs and laughs beneath it. And a new baby due any day now! What an amazing year.

  6. I love how regal August looks in the photo with Hank.

    And I love Lily's red hair!


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