Friday, December 25, 2015

I Believe It Is Nap Time

Breakfast on the deck.

And then presents. The first present Gibson opened was one that he had wanted so much that we could barely get him to open another.
"Here Gibson! Open this one!"
He played and played and played with that present. Some sort of Hulky thing. I don't know. He sure did love it. When we left, he was still playing with it while the fellows were setting up the trampoline.
Yes. A trampoline.
Oh dear.

Hank made Owen and Gibson knight costumes. Gibson couldn't bring himself to try his on. But Owen did. That boy was wild with joy. Wild, I tell you!

And what did I get everyone?

Down pillows! Wrapped in old tablecloths I've collected over the years which is pretty funny considering that one year I wrapped everything in pillow cases. 

Everyone found them very squishy. And laughed. 

Now Mr. Moon and I are home. He seems to be suffering from whatever it was that I was experiencing yesterday which was a bit like Flu Extremely Lite. He's sitting in his chair (with his new pillow) and relaxing. And I, for once on Christmas, feel at peace. 

I hope you do too.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, Mary. Your post brings tears to my eyes. You being at peace is just the best thing.

    I thought you were going to get everyone Snuggies!

  2. What a great present!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Brilliant present from the Mom! These pictures are all so heartwarming! Merry Christmas, Mary!

  4. Now THAT'S a present I would get excited about! Who doesn't love a nice, new, fluffy, squishy pillow! I *have* to sleep with four so it would have made me very happy. The table cloth would have excited me too. You did good, Mama Moon, real good!

  5. The pictures of everyone with the pillows says it all. And I love the elf costumes on the boys! Awesome.


    That infernal thing is at it again. Select everything with sandwiches. I didn't see any sanwiches so didn;t click any. So it would let me in. So I clicked two burgers and it let me in. Are burgers sadwiches!!!??? I have lived for going on 64 years in blissful ignorance of that fact! Now the blasted verification has expired to punish me for ranting!

  7. The pillows were a brilliant idea! So clever.

    And those boys in their elf suits...!

  8. Down pillows are a good gift for sure!

  9. Ah perfect! You can't beat a new down pillow!


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