Monday, December 7, 2015

So. Monday. Yeah.

Ah, hell. Another day of waking to anxious despair. Nothing different. Same chickens, same cat, beautiful weather, took a walk, etc.

So what? Move on. Here it is. It will leave.

This time of year is simply a yearning void of horror for me. That's just the way it is.

The wild azalea has begun to bloom in the woods. Months early.

Off. Everything is.

Said Yoda.


  1. Oh Mary! I understand. You and I share similar childhood experiences. My debilitating anxiety comes and goes and is so frustrating for me. It does help to come here and read your wonderful words - sheer poetry and soothing to my soul. Thank you for that!

  2. Anxiety and that feeling of dread are debilitating. I am sorry that this time of year is hard for you . Sadly this is the case for many people . Sending you my warmest wishes Mary. Wish I lived near h you so I could have a cuppa and a walk with you

  3. I had some good chats with my spouse over the past few days...reminiscing about my growing up years as I enter the second half of year 49 here..(!) I wondered at some of the characteristics of my middle- and high school years and he just popped in a one word answer- stress. He went on to clarify that all the things I had told him just shouted that out, and you know I wanted to cry because he was right and I had never seen it...damn it. I was shaky for a day or so after that. This time of year is a trigger for so many, and I place myself in that number. Hugs. Hugs all around, and hot cups of tea for everyone...spike it if you like it. Carroll


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