Monday, December 28, 2015

Let Us Choose Carefully What We Trust

Nothing much to report here today.
It is gusty and warm and I took a little walk and will be going to the store.
I've been thinking a lot about Facebook and how so much of what is posted there is utterly false. What does that say as us about a society?
Nothing that I want to believe.

Well. There's a camellia. Nothing about it false at all. It truly is that pink.

And here's a baby.

He is too young to pretend to be anything that he isn't. He doesn't need to be. He is perfect.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Good lord. Are those cargo shorts? He IS perfect.

  2. just yesterday one of my husband's cousins posted a really stupid thing about a particular state senator (a woman of course) and gun control, something so patently stupid that no one should have believed it but believe it, people do. I must say I delighted in proving that it wasn't true and I hope I embarrassed him but probably not. true or not, he will still believe it and continue to vote against his own best interests. what it says about us as a society is that decades of defunding education has done it's job.

  3. I love August and that color pink. And you.

  4. He may be still be young for pretending, but what a fast baby! I suppose it's partly because my only child could not
    develop normally that I pay such acute attention to how quickly healthy infants learn and grow, a continuous, delightful stream of marvels. Constant wonders to behold.

  5. Elizabeth- They ARE cargo shorts! How adorable is that?

    Ellen Abbott- Yes. Exactly. As Mr. Moon said when we were discussing this the other day- we have become a nation of ignorant people. And we should all be appalled.

    Angella- Isn't he?

    Rebecca- Me too. You. I love you.

    A- I am constantly amazed at how quickly these little guys change. I do not take it for granted. I appreciate it as the miracle it is.

  6. Very cute baby. And the camellias are blooming here as well. Suffering through this heat and humidity too.


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