Saturday, December 5, 2015

We Celebrated This New Girl Who Is Still Happy Inside Her Mama

The boys wanted to ride to the party in Boppy's new car and so we met them at the end of their road and loaded them up into the new FJ Cruiser or whatever this vehicle is. It's a pretty spiffy car and those boys are looking pretty spiffy too, aren't they?

The shower was lovely. There was a hot chocolate bar and lots of gorgeous and delicious treats. Lily's sister-in-law, the mother of the darling Lenore, is an amazing baker and completely outdid herself. It was a man, woman, and child shower which was a nice thing. The kids all played happily with each other while the adults chatted and sipped hot chocolate and ate delicious treats. We played Baby Trivia and that was pretty much fun. Did you know that a baby is born somewhere in the world every three seconds?
Actually, that's not so surprising.
The winning team got hugs from Lily which was funny because her team won. She hugged everyone else on the team, though.

Then of course there was the great present unwrapping and the children stepped in to help with that. They brought the presents in one at a time for Lily and Jason to unwrap.

I don't think I've ever seen Lily look more beautiful or more happy in her entire life. And Jason is so cool and collected and the boys are thrilled and excited and well...nothing could make me happier in the whole world. 
When I went to Lily's yesterday for her midwife appointment, I hugged Diana the midwife so hard when she left. This will be our third baby that she will be overseeing. I hope that Jason gets to catch this little girl the way he got to catch Gibson. 

The quilt did not get finished. I realized this afternoon that I needed to rip out about half of the actual machine quilting I'm doing and as any seamstress knows, ripping out takes ten times longer than sewing. 
And just before I realized this fact, I had had the prideful thought that I hadn't had to use the seam-ripper once. 
Just goes to show. Pride goeth before a fall and you can bet the ranch on that one, and keep the seam ripper handy. 

Here's a picture of the precious Lenore.

She is waiting patiently with a present to present to Lily. I tell you what- that little darling is something. I wonder if Lily's daughter is going to look anything like her. I sure wouldn't mind if she did. And let's face it- she will be beautiful and look like her very own, never-before-in-the-history-of-the-universe-even-if-a-child-is-born-every-three-seconds self. 

I just can't wait to meet her. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Do you have a walking foot for the quilting? If not, will your machine accept one? They're life changing. Please take a picture of the quilt when it's done - we want to see!

  2. Yes please I would love a photo of the quilt. Beautiful photos of the boys and Lily at the shower. Lenore is a cutey.

  3. What a lovely time you all had! Lenore is so sweet...

  4. How come you had to rip out the seams? (Keep in mind I know nothing about sewing.)

  5. I SO do not like unpicking stitches. It is just SO SLOW. Good luck with that.

    Sounds like a wonderful baby shower.

  6. That Owen is getting bigger by the minute and he is a handsome boy. And Gibson is some cutie. I can't wait of course until little Ms miniature Lily comes. Babies all around!

  7. Lily glows from within...every time I see a photo of her, that's what I immediately think!

  8. Yes, Lily is positively radiant! You know, I can't wait for this little baby girl to make her entrance, either!

  9. So Exciting!!!! All of your grandchildren are gorgeous.


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