Friday, December 4, 2015

My Energy Got Sucked Out By A Vortex Or Matrix Or Something Scientific Like That

Do you ever have days where you feel like you're trying to walk barefoot over gravel? Everything just seems too hard. That's how it feels for me today. I've been to Lily's midwife appointment and I've got the ropa vieja in the crock pot but I feel unable to achieve or accomplish one more thing.
That little piece of scrambled egg on the floor? The clothes I need to put away? The glass of water I should drink? That skillet I need to scrub? The eggs I need to gather? The BABY QUILT I need to finish?
I just can't even fathom how to go about dealing with these things.

I'm only posting this so Hank will know I'm still alive.

Happy Friday or a reasonable facsimile.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yes, I have days like that. Usually right after the days that I've been a powerhouse of energy. Maybe there's a connection. Take a day off, Ms Moon!

  2. I started out like (as my grandpa used to say) a fart in a frying pan, then quickly hit a gigantic wall and couldn't take one step more. I am currently watching General Hospital and sipping on some General Foods French vanilla cappuccino. When GH is over I will lie upon the freshly washed sheets and comforter on my bed and nap like a mutha! Just so you know, I believe it's federal law that naps are a requirement for folks over 50.....

  3. Jenny_o- I blame everything from the moon to the weather to yes, one full day followed by a bit of a resting day. Thank you.

    e- No nap today. Oh, I could sleep! Trust me! But I want to get this quilt made!

    Catrina- Those days happen. And yes, I do nap every chance I get. I love my naps.

  4. I'm so damn bitchy today, Mary! I don't have time to blog about it! I love that you post so Hank will know you're alive.

  5. It's true, I always check. For the record, I am also slow today, but I suspect it's from the gallons of beer I drank last night.

  6. I lose energy at the ends of the day, when everyone comes home and needs my attention. I can accomplish things if I'm alone but if other people are around, not a chance. Take a rest. I'm into Jessica Jones on Netflix, for what that's worth.

  7. I know those days. I think we're supposed to do nothing on those days.


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