Saturday, December 26, 2015

Men On The Roof

Baby in the house.

Cat still in the bed. 

I guess I will put Christmas away today. 
And on we go. 


  1. I love how there are pillows in all the pictures, like Tribbles.

    August makes me want a baby.

    While the thought of the exhaustion and all that goes with one in reality makes me understand fully that I do *not* want a baby, August still makes me wish for one. Little smiley sweetiepie.

  2. so glad I have nothing to put away. like yours, my star lights stay up all year.

  3. All the presents were absolutely perfect. And it did my heart good to see Luna even if she won't be around long. I hope she dies with you guys around. I love little August and his great big smile. Heck, I love all of you!

  4. Jo- We do love a good pillow around here. I know- August is like the baby that makes every parent want another one. Easy and happy and adorable.
    I'm glad I'm too old for any options in that direction to exist. And yet, I get to enjoy him immensely.

    Joanne- I think that Luna will die alone as she has mostly lived. But who knows? If she comes to us, I will take her in. Thank you for loving us. I appreciate that so much.

  5. Love to you, dear Ms Moon and all the small assorted Moons. Houston asked me to marry her today and I said yes. We were almost on the Golden Gate bridge too. She was gonna ask in front of my children but lost her nerve.

    And you're the first person I told.

    We haven't known each other long but hey, we're old and time is precious.

    XXXXXX Beth

  6. He is just the jolliest little thing, isn't he?

  7. Am catching up. Men on the roof top seems interesting. But not necessarily good.

  8. Oh Beth! The only good way to jump on the Golden Gate Bridge. Congratulations!

    Ms Mary Moon, that's a wedding you should attend.


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