Monday, December 14, 2015

Even Jesus Needed A Mother

When the Bradford pears color their leaves and let them go I always find a few that look like this. To me, they show a sweet resemblance to the flames or whatever they are which surround the Virgin of Guadalupe. 

More like a folk-art version, perhaps. Still. I love them, those painted leaves of green and gold and when I find them, I feel as if I've been given a small gift. 

What a day. I tried to weed but I have never in my life been as swarmed with mosquitoes. December 14th and the mosquitoes are so bad I can't be outside in my garden. Even after I sprayed myself, they bit through my clothes and tormented my ears and face. Oh yeah, global warning is bullshit. I gave up after a few rows and came inside and began working again on my baby quilt which I had proclaimed to be FUBAR and just finished fucking it up and then put lace and hearts over the worst parts. 
A bit of metaphor there- love can cover some sins, at least. 
Babies don't know from quilting mistakes. They just know about softness. 
That's what I'm telling myself, anyway. 

It never really rained here today. Just drizzled off and on. Still is. Mr. Moon has gone to Orlando and I am here alone which is probably the best thing for all.

I am doing the very best I can. I keep adding flowers to the hallway altar although I can't really bestir myself to plug in the lights on my poor little Christmas tree. I mean...who cares?

I wonder how many photos I have posted of this sweet little carved Reina de Mexico that I bought in Cozumel which lives in my hallway. Let's see- I have posted 5,695 posts since I began blogging in 2007. So I'm guessing maybe five hundred? At least. 

For a damn atheist, I sure do seem to love a Madonna. 
We all need a mama. 
Or a Mama. No matter how old we get. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That leaf! It's just beautiful.

  2. I think it's just wild that the leaf mimics the Virgin's design. And so cool that you noticed it. I wore my Virgin of Guadeloupe necklace today. The electrician who installed my chandelier remarked on it and I let him think I'm a devout Catholic.

  3. Wow. I've only put out a couple of half-hearted Christmas decorations, just like you ladies....AND I also have a Virgin of Guadeloupe candle! It's nestled in a lighted bough above the fireplace with a couple of other candles.

    I'm not Catholic and I'm an atheist at heart, but I never feel like Mary gets enough appreciation somehow. I like having little shrines to her at Christmas.

  4. Such beautiful colours and such a likeness with the Virgin. Nature has many gifts and I too take pleasure in them. As fit mosquitos I have just been bitten.... I hate bloody mosquitos

  5. I love those Bradford pear leaves, too. I used to find them in NYC and New Jersey and they were often so colourful and remarkable. Never noticed the Virgin of Guadalupe similarity but you're right!

    JESUS, but you are a prolific blogger. I thought I was holding my own posting once a day but I bet I've posted half of what you have!

  6. That's the first time it struck me how vulva-like that first picture is. From a Catholic! Surely I should have noticed before. The little angel's head pointed me at it, I'm sure, being so perfectly placed for pleasure.
    Yours is the only blog I think I would happily comment that and know it will be understood in the way it is intended.

  7. the leaf is gorgeous. no bradford pears at my place, just tallows but I love them when they get all red, yellow, orange spotty. I think the Madonna is the goddess in disguise. the christians tried to wipe her out but she is eternal, the bringer forth of life.

  8. I think it was brilliant to put the heart over the messy bits of the quilt! Will need to remember that if I ever get around to making a quilt. Although I'm sure it could be done for other sewing projects, too. lol

  9. It does look so much like the Virgin of Guadalupe. Gorgeous and miraculous.


  10. hello
    I am a catholic and love the Blessed Virgin Mary and Our lady of Guadeloupe
    Mary is speaking to several of our hearts these days
    I just took a trip to Medgugorje in Bosnia where Mary is appearing like in Mexico to children several years ago
    Thanks for you post about her

    I can't believe the mosquitoes either in December,its very pleasant weather here in Missouri,local weather said no snow till February 2016? we will see


  11. jo(e)- I think so too.

    Elizabeth- People are very confused when they visit my house.

    Jennifer- Amen, sister!

    Leisha- To everything there is a season and this is NOT MOSQUITO SEASON!!!!

    Steve Reed- Blogging is obviously my life.

    Mwa- I love that comment! Perfect! And yes, the Virgin of Guadalupe is a most feminine rendering of the goddess.

    Ellen Abbott- They are trying to get rid of all the tallows here. They are so invasive. But yes, they are gorgeous, aren't they?

    jenny_o- It was the only thing I could think of...

    Ms. Vesuvius- Nature has some amazing little surprises, doesn't she?

    Curtains In My Tree- Well, to me the miracle of Mary is not in miraculous sightings or visions but simply in the fact that she represents the woman/mother birth-giver.

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  13. I LOVE that leaf and the resemblance. I love the Mary box you made me.
    I think you would like this book:The Testament of Mary by Colm Toibin.
    You are the best mama. You mother us all.


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