Thursday, December 24, 2015

Go Elsewhere For Your Spiritual Needs Today, My Friends

Christmas Eve day and this humidity has mashed the energy out of me. I feel like a sponge that needs wringing out over a sink. We actually turned the AC on last night. This is fucking ridiculous. I'm sorry but you shouldn't have to risk getting Dengue Fever at Christmas. My cashmere sweaters are lying in sodden puddles about the house. Luna still hasn't made an appearance and if she's died under the house we're going to know about it. Soon.

So I've wrapped everything that I have to wrap and today I need to make the chicken salad which should take about twenty minutes and my house is dark because of those tarps and it's gray outside anyway. Tonight we're going to Lily's house for a Christmas Eve cocktail and whores durve party.
Hors d'oeuvres. Which, according to Google is how you spell that word. Spell check seems to agree. I like whores durve better.

Do you realize I have not eaten one Christmas cookie?
No. Do not congratulate me on my will power. I simply haven't been anywhere where one might be offered. Such as a party. I imagine I'll eat a few tonight.

And ham. Mostly I am looking forward to ham.

I should take a walk.

Oh hell no. That is not going to happen today.

Carry on.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. while most of the rest of the country is running around totally stressed out because it's christmas eve and oh my god things still aren't perfect, I'll be kicking back being at my lazy best. go ahead on y'all.

  2. The weather here is lurching between way too warm and bitingly cold and windy. Just went out in blue sky to walk the dog and then it clouded over greyly and started raining. I got to the hill to meet a friend in his SHORTS and no coat and it was freezing.

    Hot whiskey time.

  3. Whores durve! Love it!

  4. Time to kick back after a kick ass Christmas Eve dinner here. Our handy man, John Lee, ate with us and we were so glad. Good to have someone at the table. And we all watched a movie together. Nice. Enjoy your evening.


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