Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's a Christmas Miracle!

Luna is still alive. She will never die. I don't know where she's been eating. Or if.
But, whatever and however, the girl is still with us.

Here's the chicken salad.

Christmas, 2015.

We're about to get dressed to go over to Lily's.
Wish I had a red velvet tank top.
God, it's hot and muggy.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm with you...It is too hot. Who runs their AC in December? Me and you, apparently. Enjoy the gathering at Lily's and eat a cookie for me.

  2. Hot here too. Ran AC while we were cooking. Way too hot and humid. Well, have a merry one.

  3. I am so happy Luna came home! We have only turned the ac off a couple of nights this winter, as bad as I hate the cold I think we need a freeze to kill some bugs. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Gail

  4. that chicken salad is gorgeous! Oh, if only I could sample it. Glad Luna has reappeared, thought about her today many times. And AC on Christmas? Lordy, here in Calif. we've had the wood stove going all day and its cozy inside, nearing freezing outside. Go figure. Merry Christmas to you and your famiy, Mary.......... peace and blessings on you
    with love
    Susan M

  5. My heart feels better that Luna is back. It wasn't time. Not sure why. Your chicken salad is so pretty.

  6. Thank you, dear Mary, for the photo, and I just know that it was as delicious as it is beautiful! I so enjoyed the photos above of the Christmas Eve gathering. I sat here with a huge smile on my face and love and tenderness in my heart as I looked at each one. You are a very special family - so full of love - it is beautiful to witness. Peace to you all,


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