Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Just Another Beautiful Day

Seems like the anxiety may be back for awhile. It certainly didn't go anywhere last night.

Forty years ago today I got married for the first time.

Thirty-five years ago today John Lennon was murdered.

A year ago, Kathleen was actively dying.

Today the Bradford Pears are finally turning color. 

I should go take the trash.


  1. This time of year is the worst, hope you feel better soon. Gail

  2. I hope this is one of those times where, poof, it just goes away. xo

  3. Yes, Kathleen. I followed her blog right up until the end. So much sadness in the world but also so many good things. Like being able to love and receiving it back. You made an excellent point about feeling gratitude. During the dark days I struggle doing that.

  4. I hope that there is a wonderful dawn that chases away the anxiety. What a beautiful picture that is of the leaves shining in the light.

  5. That's a pile of anniversaries...Congratulations on your forty years with Mr. Moon...As for the rest, I'm sending you hugs from down state. Your pear tree is gorgeous.

  6. Gah. I'm sorry.
    I've been feeling some waves of the A-word too. Not settled in though.
    You are loved, Mary.


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