Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day Events In Lloyd

Lunch on the porch. Soup and biscuits and crackers. Etc.
That was the only break those men took today but all of the porch roofs are dried in and the tarps are gone and some light can leak into my house again.
I got the Christmas tree undressed and the ornaments put away and the magnolia branches which were twined in the stairway railing taken out and all of the wrapping accoutrement hauled back up to the upstairs closet.
Please remind me next year that I have enough Christmas wrapping paper for the rest of my life and not to buy any more. Okay?
Thank you.
Jessie and I hung out and played with August and we went to Monticello and visited a few antique shops and went to the Winn Dixie. There is no Publix in Monticello but the Winn Dixie is not so bad.
Tomorrow is going to be a big day for me. I am going to get to see one of my very, very oldest friends and I will meet the son he has recently adopted. I am going to make them pancakes and bacon and introduce them to my chickens. I am sure they will be incredibly impressed. This should be fun.

And now I have pinto beans simmering and am about to go make cornbread and a salad. Mr. Moon is bone tired and has had a shower and is in his chair, relaxing. May he sleep well and deeply tonight. He deserves no less.

Life in Lloyd.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Reminder set Te Christmas paper. Have a beautiful day x

  2. John Gray- Only you could get away with saying this. Thank you, dear old man.

    Leisha- Thank you! It's been a very good one.

  3. I am so very interested to hear all the details of the adoption that they are comfortable sharing!

  4. We do the opposite with our tree - put it up late, take it down after New Year's. We don't get a chance to enjoy it until after Christmas when we're off work and time slows down!

    That Gus - such a cutie!

  5. I can't wait to hear about your tomorrow. And I'm intrigued that you're so looking forward to this visit with none of your anxiety poking through.

  6. Sounds like a terrific Boxing Day! (I forgot it WAS Boxing Day until John Gray reminded me via his blog.)

  7. Sounds like a good Boxing Day. Quiet here. Grey but warm out. No rain!

  8. NOLA- I think it was a pretty plain-cut situation. They felt a father and son bond and got it legalized.

    jenny_o- I only put mine up so that Owen could help me. Once Christmas is over, I want it all down.

    Elizabeth- Oh, I got anxious but then I wasn't and it was good.

    Steve Reed- Vergil wished me a happy Boxing Day as soon as he got here. I was like, "Oh yeah."

    Syd- Gray and gray and gray. And quiet here too.


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