Monday, December 28, 2015

I Am Growing Old And Falling Apart. What Are You Doing?

So. My going to the store ended up being hours in town. Why does this always happen? Well, on Mondays Mr. Moon frequently needs a ride out to the airport where he rents a car to drive to Orlando for the auto auction on Tuesday. So I gave him a ride today and then I decided to pop by the New Leaf market to buy nutritional yeast because I was almost out and I was starving and so I bought some spicy Japanese noodles which were so salty as to be almost inedible and also some flax/millet crackers and while I was eating one of those I realized that I was chewing on something that was neither flax nor millet but something extremely hard and after I cleared all of the cracker material from my mouth I realized that what I had been chewing on (and which I had swallowed) was in fact either a small bit of tooth or of filling.
Fuck me.
It's so weird. There is something about having a problem of the teeth which causes a physical reaction in my body which is more like what you would imagine having on receiving the news of a cancer diagnosis.
I quickly talked myself down. I mean really- this is probably not a big deal, and I went about my errands, my tongue constantly searching that jagged tooth edge. It's on the backside of my tooth in the upper portion of my mouth and although I should probably try to look at it in a mirror, I am just going to go to the dentist and let him see what is what. It is what it is and I have an appointment at 12:30 tomorrow. I am in no pain whatsoever, there is just a sharp edge and perhaps a hole where there should be smooth solid enamel.
Anyway, la-di-dah and so it goes and when I got home I called the dentist immediately and made that appointment and unloaded my groceries and made Mr. Moon's snack bag and his popcorn with nice fresh nutritional yeast on it and kissed him good-bye and bade him drive safely and then did some chicken-coop tending and a friend dropped by and I let a neighbor's dog out to pee and poop and fed him as they are out of town and then a friend of mine called whom I NEVER speak to on the phone although we have been in constant communication since 1972 either by letter or now e-mail.
"What's wrong?" I asked him when he called.
"Nothing. Nothing at all!" he said and he chuckled because he knows my tendency to panic over nothing and we discussed our grandchildren and he asked me about Luna the cat (he reads my blog) and we talked about David's visit because David has been a part of his life as well.
Speaking of Luna, she has come into the porch several times in the last few moments to lap a bit of the milk and fresh new nutritional yeast! I mixed up for her. She stays for a few seconds and then flees as if I were going to kick her which I have never done and would never do.
I have no idea what's going on there but I wish she would go towards the light, go be with Jesus, step on the rainbow bridge, and, in short, pass on to a better world in a peaceful manner. 
Well. I am not god, and neither are you. Unless you are or unless as Michael Valentine Smith said in "Stranger in a Strange Land," we are all god.

I have no idea and do not want that sort of responsibility or indeed any responsibility at all although life hands us each plenty.

So. Here we are in that vague and misty week between Christmas and New Year's where almost nothing gets done and we consider New Year's resolutions while eating the rest of the fruit cake.

I have nothing more to add than what Michael Valentine Smith might say which is this:
May you never thirst.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I HATE issues with the teeth. Just hate hate hate it. Even a simple cleaning causes me to levitate out of the chair with anxiety. Here's hoping your fix will be a minor thing.

  2. Your hoping Luna would go towards the light cracked me up. :)

  3. we're making the week interesting by having a sleet/ice storm that coated the entire east side of our house with a layer of ice which has somehow thawed above ground near the window and is currently leaking in the basement into the rain barrel.....

    tony had his bridge measured and a temp installed today,i think he, you and i have an equal hate of the dentist.

    at least life is interesting.


  4. I adore every word of this post. Thank you.

    I did see on The Facebook the brief story of a woman who I don't know at all who has lost 42 pounds in one year, just by walking and jogging for 20-25 minutes every day with some weight resistance work, too. I'm thinking about making that my resolution, but I hope to have lost that much weight by next fall when I might venture east to my home state of Georgia and attend my 35th high school reunion. I would like to look slightly closer to my seventeen year old Homecoming court self.

  5. Yesterday I was remembering the days when I moved and twisted and turned and ran and jumped and got down on the floor and up again with no thought at all. At least you like your dentist. Hugs.

  6. oh yes, never thirst. that book made a big impression on me. we are all god as indeed we are. same with the animals and plants and insects and everything...we are all god. my boss at the antique store asked me why I was so upset that the people who own the building next door took down a beautiful sycamore tree, all the way down to grinding the stump. because it was a living sentient creature, I told her, and there was no reason for it to be taken down just because they didn't like having to deal with the fallen leaves.

  7. I just sent a prayer to the teeth fairies for you. Anything remotely related to tooth ache sends me into a corner cowering in fear like a toddler after messing up the tv remote or worse.

  8. Hope your dental work goes smoothly. That feeling when you discover something has gone awry with your teeth is never a good one.

  9. No teeth issues here and thankfully, none with the animals. My horse was shod today which happens every 6 weeks. Everything with horses costs money. But I don't begrudge it at all as he is a delight. We are a good pair--a couple of middle age fellows riding out.


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