Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Busy Saturday

Gosh it's a beautiful day and Lily and Jason and Owen and Gibson have already been over to get furniture and baby things from upstairs to put in the baby's room. I haven't mentioned this but they have named her already. I will share that when she is born. It's a beautiful name, of course.

I hadn't seen Owen in a week and so it was mighty fine to see that boy.

"Here," I said. "Let me take your picture to put on my blog."
"Why are you always putting my picture on your blog?"
"Because you are my heart."
He and his brother got new hair cuts yesterday. They look terrific. 

Here Gibson is in Boppy's new car. He was about to blast-off and resented my intrusion. Earlier he had been upstairs and got about halfway back down and called to me to come and help him. It's a pretty daunting staircase. I went up and held out my hand.
"You my hero, Mer!" he said. 
"You're so sweet," I told him.
"Thanks!" he said. 

So they are all gone now, off to get a Christmas tree and then later we'll all see each other at Lily's baby shower. I'm almost finished with the quilt.

It's so very plain and not very imaginative or fun but it's soft and it's sweet and it is filled with my love.

May this day be filled with love for all of us. 

And oh! Do you like the new header? Hank sent me some new ones. They tickle my fancy. 

Yours In Kitchens And Kitsch...Ms. Moon


  1. I spotted the new header right away...1950's or thereabouts?
    Your news today is so sweet...and Owen and Gibson are growing by leaps and bounds...such cute little boys! From what I can see, your quilt looks lovely! Nothing wrong with "plain" !!!
    Hope the baby shower gathering goes well...things are getting very exciting now for that dear young family as they await the arrival of their precious baby girl!

  2. LOVE the header!! In ten days we'll leave sunny Florida for Christmas in Illinois....eight grandkids and their mamas and daddy's expect us to host a wing ding on Christmas Eve. And it's the biggest pleasure of my year! My grands range in age from 12 to 18, and now Grandma is the one who needs help down the stairs! Enjoy the baby shower. By the way, the quilt is gorgeous! The love in it is obvious!

  3. Looking good! (haha, say I.) I'll see you in just a bit - maybe before you read this.

  4. You underestimate your lovely quilt! Have a good time at the shower.

  5. I love the new header. Simpler times . Beautiful quilt. I have never seen a hand made quilt I don't like , especially when it's made with love, like your pretty quilt.

  6. The sweetness of those boys and the way you so naturally capture it for all of us to experience is a gift you give me. And I love ve that quilt. She will treasure it because it is from you and we all know how much you will mean to her in her life.

  7. YES! That is an EXCELLENT header. Looks like a lot of the cards in my postcard collection. :)

  8. Love the header Hank sent you. And that quilt looks soft as heaven.


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