Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saturday Morning In Lloyd: The Morning After

We have our secret company and we had a secret good time last night.
Probably too good.
Okay. Our secret company is Lon and Lis and it was Lon's birthday on Thursday so this is a celebratory weekend plus they are playing tonight at a local venue.
Lis is sitting here at my back porch doing a set list and Lon is already in town and Mr. Moon is in the kitchen doing something (not cooking breakfast, I assure you) and it's a beautiful day.
Before we all went to bed last night I decided that we would make a contest of getting up this morning. The last person out of bed would win.
Congratulate me.

Plans are afoot to see August and I don't even know what.

Ah-lah. More coffee.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. A visit from your dear friends sounds like just what you need, have a wonderful time. Gail

  2. Why were they secret!?

    I'd say have a good time with your dear friends, but of course I know you are.


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