Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bet Your Mama Don't Know

Do you see that cat? That is not Luna. Luna, still alive, is napping unawares on a chair in the yard. She has already been in to eat and since I realized that my cats hate the cat food we got them at Costco and replaced it with Meow Mix, she has been eating a little bit again.
Not much. But a little bit.
This cat, this pretty little gray and white, is a cat I've never seen before. He/she looks healthy but is very hungry. He/she ate all the rest of the Meow Mix and is now eating the Costco food that I refilled the bowl with.
WTF is it with cats around here?
She (let's just call her she) is a bit skittish but not freaky skittish.

Lily and the boys are coming over. They have a flea problem that they've been dealing with for a few weeks and Jason is going to do the full-on extermination solution today so the pregnant lady and children need to be out of the house. Lily's time is coming close to hand. That is just all there is to it. Will this birth be like Gibson's where she was in a sort of prodromal labor for a day or two and then, suddenly, he was being born? We can't judge how things went with Owen because they induced her. She felt crampy last night and I went to bed fully expecting to be woken up in the middle of the night, but no. Still- soon we will be seeing that little woman baby. We can't wait and yet, we must.
All will unfold as it will.

Cat still here. Very tidy little animal, white bib and belly and paws. 
Okay. Now he's let me pet him.
He. Balls attached. 
No. I do not want a male cat with balls. 

Lord, Lord. 

We are going to meet Jessie and August at Japanica. We are all craving Japanica. Here is what August has learned to do.

Jessie says that all he wants to do if you put him down is roll. He can roll halfway across the bed. I looked up milestones for babies where I learned (you'd think I'd know this) that babies of four months may be able to roll from back to front. He is at least a month early on rolling from back to front and three months early rolling from front to back. 
Jessie walked at eight months. I have a feeling her son may do the same.

So that's what's going on in Lloyd today. 

But here. My gift to you. 
One of the nastiest, loveliest songs ever written or performed. 
The Rolling Stones, Stray Cat Blues. Appropriate, no?

"Bet your mother didn't know you bite like that. Bet your mama don't know you scratch my back."  

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Uh oh, another kitty. Don't be too nice to him!

    I'm so sorry to hear about the fleas. Shudder* Infestations are horrible. Maybe Lily should take an extra day before she goes back in...

    I want to go to Japanica! Ours is Wagamama, but it's a bit far away for now.

  2. Fleas are awful, we are battling them, too. Food grade diatomaceous earth, used after the chemicals have gotten rid of the little buggers, will help keep them away and be safe to leave around mom and kids and pets.

    As for the new cat, it's sad to say but you already know that if you live anywhere people consider it "country" they feel free to drop off pets they don't want any more. They "figure" someone will take care of them, or the critters will take care of themselves. Horrible people, whom i want to call names i won't say because i don't want the kids to hear that language. We deal with their cast offs at the shelter every day, it's heartbreaking.

  3. Uh Maurice fixed??? There's a sentence I've never said before.

    August is a genius.

  4. Awww, poor hungry kitty. I know, easy for me to say. Does your county have organizations that do pro-bono spaying and neutering? It would involve trapping him, but then he'd get fixed and problem solved! If you want another wandering yard cat hanging around, that is.

  5. I used to wonder why all the stray cats, the lost and lonely, would come to my door. then I figured out that we were the only ones on our end of the block without a dog. perhaps that is what is happening at your place. that and the love vibes you constantly send out.

  6. Dehumidifier.

    When I got back into my house after disgusting tenants, the only thing that handled the fleas was to make my house bone dry (I think it has to be below 40% relative humidity). The other stuff killed the living fleas (the diatemaceous earth, boric acid, etc.), but the reduction in humidity made it impossible for the fleas to reproduce. No more again ever, alhamdulillah.

  7. Well the word is obviously out to the stray and feral cats in Lloyd that there is a nice woman that wears overalls and cashmere that will love you. I do remember a certain woman saying that this would not be a cat blog but it appears the cats have other opinions.

    Damn those fleas!

    Getting excited to see the girl baby and learn her name. :-)

  8. I agree that Lily might need one more day away from her home after the flea extermination. And if I were a stray cat, I'd choose you. I agree with Steve. He's cute too. So is brilliant August!

  9. What a determined little athlete August is!

  10. I'll give you some bad advice: keep the cat! (ok, so I have four cats and would have more if Rob wouldn't strangle me. But if a cat decided it lived on my porch, and it was hungry and cute...yeah. It would come live with us).

  11. Well, of course August is a genius :)

  12. Rolling over so soon? Yep, he's going to be a go-getter.


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