Monday, November 7, 2011

What's Up With The Nautical Metaphor?

Owen's on his way. I hear he's been running a little fever at night with no other symptoms. It is so unusual for that boy to be sick but I'm sure it's just some little virus that he's picked up and it'll work its way out of him soon.
We'll take it easy around here today. Jessie's coming in sometime and we may all go out tonight to play Trivia at the Mockingbird where Hank is the Trivia Master. We shall see.

I am trying to be open about whatever comes. Trying not to come up with excuses not to go and do.
It's so hard for me but I need to do it. Need to be more a part of the life of people, not just the life of whatever happens here in Lloyd.
Not that there's anything wrong with chickens...

Monday morning and another week ships sail from the dock. It is not ours to know the tides and currents, it is merely ours to make sure the ship is tight, the lines are ready, the sails are trimmed. We may have studied the charts but we do not control the wind.

Or some bullshit like that.

Have a good Monday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I like the nautical metaphor! But then I guess, I kind of live that in real life. Anyway, the week is off to a start of some kind. And the winds of change are blowing.

  2. Awe,it will be so good to see that Jessie! I predict her homecoming will be energizing for you and you will flow like water in whatever direction the festivities take you.

    (Just don't think too much...) :-)


  3. I like the metaphor. It shows that our minds go to places that we don't expect. Its what makes us human. Enjoy your day with the boy and Jessie

  4. I hope Jessie has a safe trip to Lloyd. Wish I could come play trivia, too! I happen to dig the Trivia Master.

    Love y'all.


  5. YAY, Jessie's coming home. A good week is guaranteed!

  6. I have a hard time being a "joiner". I just try and not get to caught up in it. I do fear "rejection' too.

    Hope Owen is a sweet boy today and feels better quick.

  7. I hope y'all do come tonight! The weekly hint is: olde timey names for medical ailments.

  8. I'm Nautical by Nature, yeah you know me.

    Broke this month, got too much too do and too little money or I'd be up there at the bird with my, "that ain't even Old Timey" hecklin.


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