Saturday, November 12, 2011

We Be Kin

I did it! I did it! I spilled something!
No, that's not all I did but yes, when bussing the tables after the patrons had gone upstairs, I did drop a cup of milky coffee.
At least it landed on no one but me.

And after the tables were all cleared, I went upstairs to the theater and watched the show from the back row and it was good. The Opera House has such incredible acoustics. Every word was clear as a bell. It was a silly, ridiculous play and a lot of fun and I could see the results of all the very hard work which has obviously been put into it and it came off beautifully. Kathleen played Ranger Don and was absolutely wonderful. When she ripped off her beard and rain coat to reveal a form-fitting skirt and blouse she was gorgeous. A man named Tim Nettles, the husband of the director, Barbie Nettles, was wonderful in his role. I got to work with him a tiny bit in the film Faceless for Freddy. If you've watched that, he was the guy who got fired by the Faceless Dude. He was amazing onstage, bouncing from here to there, taking pratfalls and then stealing our hearts by kissing the innocent girl so sweetly.
It really was a fine performance by everyone and the audience seemed to love it.

I did notice that one couple left after the simulated fellatio scene. Whoops! Buh-bye!

It was a very different evening as to the attendees. Last night was a drinkin' crowd. They lined up at the bar and lined the coffers of the Opera House with their drink purchases. Tonight seemed to be Older Ladies Night Out and there wasn't nearly as much drinking but everyone seemed to enjoy their dinners. I did the potatoes again and the tomatoes too. I actually tasted the potatoes tonight. They were as good as they looked and if I hadn't been the self-disciplined person I am I would have grabbed the casserole dish and the serving spoon, backed into a corner and yelled, "Get back. Keep your hands off my potato casserole and NO ONE WILL BE INJURED!"
I showed restraint.
I did.

And now I'm home and it's not nearly as cold tonight. I petted my chickens again and shut their doors. Mr. Moon and I have been playing phone tag since he left. I haven't actually spoken with him since he got there but we've left each other sweet messages. I think he is having a good time. I surely hope so. That man deserves it.

It's been a very good day. It was all a bit iffy this morning when I woke up and saw those freeze-burned banana plants but it's all been okay. Not as much damage as I feared, a lot of trimming done that needed done, rest and a sort of detoxification of the soul. Then tonight, working with those fine ladies. It's funny how deeply I fall in love with women. I think that some women whose mothers were not, oh, as outwardly, um, well, affectionate? as they could have been go on to lead lives where they eschew women and focus all of their attention on men, whereas others seek out women who represent motherliness and sweetness and sass and all of the things they might have wished for in a mother.
I am of the latter sort. And in that kitchen in the Opera House, I find those women. Completely different from me, completely different from each other but still, there is something there. We fall into a rhythm, there is an understanding. We laugh. We make fun. We recognize each other as sisters-sort-of. When I spoke of my raw skin last night, I was thinking of them, those women, and how I want to grab them up and hug them to me and tell them how much I respect and care for them and how inappropriate I know that would be but tonight, when I told them good-bye, Georgia hugged ME and said, "I love you," and damn, that meant the world to me.
She's a pastor, y'all. Or something like that. But she sure will take a mis-poured glass of wine and enjoy it.

So. That's me tonight. And I just have to say that just as I feel so very, very blessed to have spent the evening with women I love, I am that grateful to be able to send these words out to everyone who comes here to read.
I still can't believe that people do but they do and I feel almost as if I know so many of you because you leave me such words of understanding, of acceptance, and on your blogs you share your hearts as I share mine.

Not JUST women, but a few fellas too. Thank-you. All of you. I would hug you inappropriately if I could. You know I would. Hell, I'd even share my potato casserole with you.

I feel as if I have turned a corner. Now. We shall see how Dreaded Sunday treats me.

I'm going to go rest up for it.

Bless our hearts, y'all. Bless our imperfect loving hearts.

I swear to god I love you.

Ms. Moon


  1. I am of the latter sort as well....and I swear to God, I Love you too :)))

    A tight and inappropriate hug to you ! Sleep well and dream of good and loving things xoxo

  2. My heart swells in my chest because of you.

    Yes, we need women. I am in love with women too. I am currently coming to terms with the fact I am now the oldest woman in my family. The woman that taught me love, strength and faith have all died. They lived their lives well and I know I have gleaned the most wonderful lessons possible. I know there is no way I can live my life without women so I am going to have to work on building a new support system. It won't be the same, in fact it will be completely different but I *need* women. Thanks for being one of them.

  3. Hurray for simulated fellatio!

  4. yea, Georgia rocks it hard.

    Glad you found some joy at the opera house.


  5. Loved the fellatio comment--maybe the scene gave them an idea that they had to act on. You never know.

  6. liv- Thanks!

    Birdie- And thank-you for being one of mine.

    Jo- Seriously.

    Ms. Fleur- It's a very interesting place. Always.

    DTG- Haha!

    Syd- I know the woman and in doing so, I am guessing...not.


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