Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sometimes You Clean

So you can remember what it is you have.


  1. I actually did that today--cleaned. Don't know what got into me.

  2. It looks really nice. Look at the floor--so shiny. I can remember my mother using Bowling Alley wax on the floors at the home place.

  3. What a beautiful space filled with books and a table that folds down (my desk is a very old table that folds down) and RED bookshelves and light. A perfect space.

  4. Whoa--gleaming! Good for skating in socks?

  5. Now I think you should take a close up of the bookcase so I can snoop.

  6. Musta felt like Christmas....exciting discoveries?? lol

  7. Cleaning day here too! I don't think my floors are near that shiny though.

  8. Yay, all shiny!

    I've just realised all the spiders are gone, but the cobwebs are not - time to do something about that!

  9. What a nice coloured library. That floor catches my attention too. I want your house, with the beautifully colored library in it.

  10. my kitchen has got so bad I'm going to paint over the's the only way!!

  11. Red, which in Russian is red. All those books, that light, the glowing wood of the floor...

    I will get back to cleaning--two rooms of my house are marvels, three others are works-in-progress, and my study, my bedroom, and my bathroom--not so much.

  12. WOW. NO books with flattened spines and no socks on the floor. What will happen next at the Moon household?? I can hardly wait.

  13. Jeannie- I know. It must have been the moon and stars.

    Rubye Jack- Our planets must have been aligned.

    Syd- It's the finish. I just use some white vinegar and Murphy's Oil soap in water.

    Madame Radish King- There are many more bookshelves in there.

    Elizabeth- Well. Sort of.

    A- It would be!

    Birdie- I was thinking about that last night as I dusted. And now my books could never stand up to the books of others. But they are varied!

    Angella- Painted that color long before I owned the house.

    Akannie- More like gentle discoveries.

    Ellen- I did nothing to shine them. Like I said- it's the finish.

    Jo- I still have both- the spiders AND the webs. I give up.

    Photocat- It is a surprise to me every day that I get to live here.

    Young At Heart- I was just thinking the same thing about my kitchen.

    Pamela- Never all at once. Never.

    Beth Coyote- One never knows. I swear.

  14. RED is my color. But I would never have thought of these bookcases!

  15. Jaye- I did not pick it but I am glad it was chosen.


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