Friday, November 4, 2011

I Do Not Know

The sun is low in the sky and that yogurt-faced boy just left with a basket of toys and that is good because less for me to pick up although I am not sure his mama will be so happy about it.
It's so quiet when he goes home and these days, blessedly, Zeke goes home with him and so there is even more quiet.

When Owen was in his car seat and he and his daddy were about to leave, I said, "You know, I've had him for two days and here I am, about to cry to see him go. NOW DON'T GET ME WRONG!" I added, "I am glad he's going home. It's just that...I love him so much." And then I forced another kiss from him.

But yes, the quiet is good.

Mr. Moon will be home soon and I have no idea what we're having for supper.
Something. Food.
Do olives in martinis count as supper?

I doubt it.

I should get my ass out there in that garden and snip some tiny greens. Yes. I will do that. Soon. If we went out and got a salad of the very same greens it would cost seven dollars and if we lived in a big city, probably twelve. Or fifteen. Or a thousand. I have no idea.

I hardly ever eat salads in Cozumel. To tell you the truth, the vegetable category gets mostly satisfied with the ixchnepeche (I think that's how you spell it) which is the Mayan version of Pico de Gallo. Ixchnepeche means "dog snout" and Pico de Gallo means "rooster beak."
But both have tomatoes, hot peppers, onions, garlic and lime juice.
That's salad enough for me and I eat it on everything including eggs.
I never, ever, even after ten days, think to myself, "Boy, I sure would like some vegetables."
Nope. I do not.

But of course we eat a lot of fruit there. Mangoes, bananas, papaya, pineapple. Etc. Also beans. Fish. Chicken. Some pork. Yogurt. Rice. Corn tortillas. It's a diet that suits me fine.

I think I am a peasant at heart. I have peasant wants and peasant needs. Art to me is the glowing zinnia in the twilight, it is the way the feathers gleam on my chickens. Of course I love human-made art. I often think that if humans have a purpose at all, it is to make art but I am not the one who decides what does and does not fit into that category. If it is the result of a creative overwhelming need-to-do, then I think it probably is art, even if it does not please my eye or my ear or even my tastebuds, or if my brain can't comprehend it.

Oh Lord, I must be tired. I have wandered from Owen to Cozumel to supper to art.
Including the possible purpose of humans.
Of course, elephants can paint pictures. Of course birds can weave bowers. Of course whales can sing songs. Of course glaciers can create sculptured landscape and so can wind and so can water and they do.

Maybe the purpose of LIFE is to create art and the purpose of humans is to see and register and appreciate it and imitate it.

I think it is time for a martini. My husband is home.

I shall ponder these things as I come up with a supper for us to eat.

Happy Friday night, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That sweet boy is a work of art, for sure.

  2. That photo of Owen is beautiful in every way.

    I've often felt the peasant in my bones -- the southern Italian woman strong as an ox and irritable.


  3. I am still surprised with every photo I see of Owen as to how much he has grown. That little baby he was has become such a handsome little boy.

    Nature in is everywhere if we only look for it. It also is moving art because to look at the sky and the changing scene of clouds and shades of blue in a day.

    I am so excited for your trip to come!

  4. "I think I am a peasant at heart." I love this line. Do you mind if I steal it. I have always described myself as frugal, simple, cheap, a woman of few needs etc but this says it all.

    I hope Owen's mood was happier by the end of the day. Maybe he is getting his 2-year old molars. Poor little lamb.

  5. You ole peasant, you. I love your zinnias, your chicken feathers and eggs. I love and appreciate art, music, and YOU.

  6. Pico de gallo is a party in your mouth. Love it. Do you make your own?

    Love tha sweet picture.

  7. I am proud that there are still peasant parts to me, more than not.

  8. I like the simple things, nothing fancy and ostentatious. I like comfortable places and people. I don't think of myself as peasant at heart but maybe that is a good description.

  9. Pie. Pie for dinner is always a good choice. I mean, what's the point of being grown if you can't have pie for dinner once in a while.

  10. 49% peasant, 51% thug reporting here.

    thank you for all your advice by the way.


  11. Look at that one coloured leaf in the big heap...
    Art without humans doing much to it...

  12. I think the purpose of life is to appreciate it. I am working on it, but it is a struggle at times.

  13. Dinner here last night was pinto beans, wild rice, sauteed greens with onions and garlic, and squash. On the table--at least part of it less than an hour aftere I arrived home from Arizona. Of course , I can only take partial credit. The man who loves me arrived with the rice and beans pre-cooked.

    And your salad would probably cost about 11.00 bucks here if it was a dinner entre.


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