Monday, November 21, 2011

The Moment Darkness Falls

Owen is crunch-crunch-crunching some Chex Mix in the third course of his mid-afternoon lunch. Or whatever meal this is. The first course was two containers of yogurt, the second a carrot and now two (so far) servings of Chex Mix.
And I forgot about that chomping of the collards in the garden he did. I don't know that he actually eats any of the collards he chomps like a mule but he does chew them up a bit before he spits them out.
Of course by supper he won't want a drop of soup but whatever.
I do not care.

And now the sun is setting and the sky and light are orange, that sad last-ditch-effort orange and it's funny how sunset can be my favorite time of day or my least-favorite, depending.

Sirens go by, splitting the air with shrill hurry-hurry-hurry and I wonder who is hurt and wonder whose life just changed in the last few minutes whether by accident or some attack of the body and even though Owen is here and we just picked salad and he keeps hugging me and also his horse, it is very hard to not feel unsettled in this light, this letting-go-of-day, this moment when children used to stand at the door, waiting for their fathers to come home.


  1. I'm at my dad's house...waiting on him to get here with fried chicken. Comfort times ten.

  2. These days before a holiday are odd and sentimental days. Remembering, wishing, dreading, cherishing.

    Glad you have warm soup still and warm Owen. Glad dear SJ has fried chicken and her Dad.

    I think I'll have a cocktail again this evening. Still not over the berries and I've done my holiday shopping - so I am mourning and celebrating at the same time ....wait a second....oh yeah, that's normal...hahahaha Love to you both :)

  3. The transition time. I'm learning to drink tea at this time of day.

  4. i hate twilight too, though for other reasons than you do. i'll write about them one of these days. it's always better when the night actually falls, holding you close in the darkness. no more questions lingering in the orange. no more dread.

    hold owen. and breathe. hugs, dear mary.

  5. Your words, your sentences, the nuances. I love it all. And I know exactly what kind of sunset it is just reading your words. You have the gift. Now we need the book.

  6. SJ- Yes. That would cover it. I'm happy for you. How's the ankle?

    Liv- Ah yes. Mourning and celebrating. I think those are things regularly on my agenda, too.

    Rubye Jack- Healthier than a bottle of wine, I guess.

    Angella- Yes. As soon as it is actually dark enough for the lights to shed illumination, it's all pretty much okay for me. I would like to hear your story, dear.

    Photocat- I am actually thinking a lot about that.

  7. That last sentence is so beautiful. The whole thing about the end of the day -- the light -- is what Joan Didion talks about in her latest memoir. In fact, it's called "Blue Nights" because of that -- not melancholy but literally the end of the day blue of night, particularly on the east coast.

  8. I like having a longer length of day than right now. It makes me ready to go to bed way earlier than usual.

  9. do you do it ms Moon? I look up and I am 8 posts behind! I have reasons of course but still... you are so steady and true and your post on aging...well, it's very powerful and all true and you know every one of us crones is nodding our little gray heads in agreement and despair. omg I'm tired and rambling but I had a minute to sit just now and I wanted you to know I think you are a wonder and a treasure.

  10. We all see it in our own way...I love Twilight. I love to hear the settling in of the day, the peaceful quiet of rest to come. So see the color shades, as in the dawn...the circle.

    Owen sounds like he is growing...when kids are hungry all the time they need fuel to allow the growing.

  11. this is what dreams are made of...the light, mixed with the waiting. toss in the words children and fathers and you have pierced my heart forever.
    stunning ms. moon, stunning.

  12. Twilight is such an in-between time.

    I love saying the words Chex Mix, no idea why.

  13. This is an intense piece of poetry. I love your thoughts...and how they pour all silver through your words.

  14. catching up ,
    and this just took my breath away..
    so so gorgeous.

    I send you love on this your Thanksgiving holiday.
    My daughter that goes to university in the states is here and I have an almost full house.

    But I have a very very full heart.



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