Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trip To Lake Miccosukee

We napped and never did get around to eating lunch. When we got up, Mr. Moon started up the Cutlass and filled up a flat tire and washed it off. It's been sitting too long in the garage. It was time to take it out for a ride.

That old car just goes. Big stupid wonderful American engine. It eats up the road.

We drove down backroads where there are old plantations, double-wides, single-wides and block houses. And oak trees. And sky. And pines.

On our drive we remembered what a beautiful place in which we live. It was a drive of tires-down-roads-we-know-and-still-marvel at. Both literally and metaphorically as we held hands over the gears. I couldn't help but turn around, take a picture of where we'd been.

We drove down country roads and ended up down at a very under-used park on Lake Miccosukee. We parked the car and got out. I said, "Doesn't that just look like an advertisement for the Great American Vehicle?" It did.

On the path down to the lake we came upon a guy coming up out of the woods. He was young, wearing camo, skinny, with a knife on his belt. Tattooed. I saw a hawk feather tucked into his belt. I relaxed. We nodded heads and said, "Hey. How you doin'?"

We walked out onto the dock and it was water-mirrored, cypress-ringed.

The wind was blowing the beards of Spanish Moss.

There were coots on the water.

We held each other and talked. I told my husband that I was sorry for the way I've been lately. That demons have been haunting me. That I have no idea whether things come up that I remember now and have never remembered before or if I am creating them or what. That I don't know how it happens or why. He just held me and said, "I understand. Well, no I don't."
I love that man so much.

There was a great white bird, fishing.

The moon was up and starting to show its face.

We talked and we laughed and we listened to the wind and the cypress trees held their peace.

We were alone. We held our hands up together and compared our old skins. We agreed that our hands are still capable of a lot of strength and tenderness too. It was good.

We drove home and the sun was growing low.

We crossed Highway 90 and Mr. Moon had to, HAD TO gun it a little.

Ah-lah. Gotta live life a bit fast sometimes.

We came into Lloyd to where the truck stop is.

We took a right down our own road.

Home again.
I'm cooking chicken and pineapple. Owen will be here tomorrow. An owl is calling. Jessie is coming home tomorrow for a few days. Home.

That man. He loves me. Even though demons haunt me and threaten me into immobility sometimes. He holds me whole. He drives me fast down cool oak-lined roads. He takes me to the water. He heals me with his hands. He delivers me unto our home.

I would not be here if not for him.

There is no doubt about that.


  1. i love spanish moss.

    and i'm glad you and mr. moon found each other on this earth.

  2. wonderful. we find people to love us despite ourself. that, to me, is what defines faith and hope.


  3. What sanity, what well-being. And what a blessing.

  4. God bless Mr. Moon. Yes sir, God bless that man.

  5. If you wouldn't be here without Mr. Moon (and I'm not entirely certain that's entirely true), I'm thankful for him.

    And this post and the photos and your words are a meditation of the highest kind.

    Thank you, both of you, for being who you are. It is you who take Mr. Moon and yourself, your lives, and weave your words and spellbind us.

  6. What a beautiful car! I've never seen Spanish Moss in person, sure would love to though. Looks like a perfect day.

  7. Mrs. A- Me too, sugar. Me too.

    liv- Amen.

    Elizabeth- It was just...good. I am so grateful to have a place to store it all and I am thankful to have witnesses. Thank you. So much. Thank-you.

    kden- Spanish moss is so common here I barely register it but today it seemed so magnificent in the wind.

    DTG- And that is why I love him too. And I love you. We SHALL see each other this week or know the reason why.

  8. Thanks for taking me along via the photos. Great stuff. Glad that you have found the man of your heart. It is a good thing to find the mate of our heart.

  9. What a beauty of a car. A beautiful place too, those cypresses, moss, the water, coots and herons. Mr Moon is beautiful, such a good man.

  10. Beautiful is too simple of a word to describe your day.

    I don't doubt you would still be around without him, but Mr. Moon fills the voids and makes you whole. At least that's how I see it with my own love. I realize that's a rare treasure to find in another person.

  11. I don't know crap about cars......or men for that matter.

    But I do love me some Mr. Moon. And seeing just a snippet of him on a video tape reminds me of how much I miss you guys.

    Where are you having your NON-Christmas? Big Funny Kid and I might join you!

  12. O my, what a wonderful drive... I LOVE the spanish moss. Wishing I could see the plantations. It takes me back to the one visit to Florida I had in my life.
    We both have lucked out with our husbands... They are keepers! Wished I could have sat in the back of your car to see all that goodness around...

  13. dear mrs moon
    your blog today is such a beautiful love letter, i hope i will always remember your words and photos.
    thank you for sharing your day.

  14. Ms. Fleur- And we try very hard to keep each other.

    Syd- It is the best thing.

    Mary LA- It is a good thing to be reminded of how lucky we are in each other and in where we live, too.

    Mel's Way- We are the lucky ones, aren't we? Give my love to A.

    Omgrrrl- We'll be in Cozumel. I think you guys should plan a trip here- where I can cook for you.

    Photocats- Mostly just old plantation lands but so beautiful with the giant live oaks. The back of that car is a nice place to be...

    reeflighting- Thank-YOU for coming along.

  15. Sounded like a perfect day to me.

    I love Mr. Moon because he is so good to you.

  16. That is one fine car. She's a real beauty. Thanks for the road trip I needed it.

  17. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I love him for that too. And I love you.

    Madame Radish King- It is a fine car for sure. We have had some great times eating up the highway in it. We all need a road trip now and then- it is our birthright. Even a short one down to the lake will do.

  18. he holds me whole.

    that is the most wonderful thing. and to be married to that man. bog bless you both.

  19. What a good man, and what good woman. Ya'll are neat, you know that?

    I finished Feather Crowns. Super sad but super good. I loved Christy and James so very much. Just realized that Christy and James are two of my good friends' names, a married couple. They have four children though, not quintuplets + more...Wish you were in a book club with me! xo

  20. That's a fuckin' awesome car!!!!! Damn.

  21. Thanks for this chapter of the Moon Love Story. Y'all just warm the heart, that's for sure.

    We were both checking out the coots at the same time, only mine were on the Keizersgracht canal in Amsterdam. There's something about their call that brings out the sentimental and nostalgic feelings in me.

    Sending love back your way. x0 N2

  22. What beauty in bearded trees and old skins, fast cars, slow love, and holding on against the demons.


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