Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From The Hen House To Chichen Itza. Don't Ask Me How This Happens

Owen just left. It was a fairly short visit and we took a nap in the middle of it so it was even shorter. We had a great time. He found an egg stash I hadn't checked in awhile and there were three beautiful blue eggs in it.
Smart boy!
I think he's been watching that Diego show. As far as I can tell, Diego hangs out with an armadillo who resembles a pill bug and he saves animals from trouble. Diego, not the armadillo, although the armadillo helps in these rescue activities instead of digging holes a cow could break a leg in the way armadillos do in real life and specifically in my yard these days.
Anyway, Owen will stand stock still, put his hand up to his ear and say, "Listen! Animal! Trouble!" Cracks me the hell up.
"Uh-oh! Trouble!"

We didn't save any animals today but we had a good time. He's still completely in love with that horse of his. He likes me to put the horse out on the porch and so of course I do and he rides and rides. "Bumpy!" he announced today after a long trot.

So Mr. Moon called me today and sounded very happy. He shot his Tennessee buck and they had dressed it and he is coming home tomorrow. "Dressing" a deer does not mean that you put cute little clothes on it. It means you skin it and gut it and put it on ice. There may be more involved than this but I am not sure. This is the way of it, oh my sisters and brothers. Then you bring it home and you and your son-in-law cut up the meat portions into meal-sized meat portions and you wrap it all in butcher paper and label it and put it in the freezer for your wife to cook.
Which she mostly happily does.
It sure will be so nice to have him back although it has been nice to have this time alone, as well. I washed the sheets today and I know he'll be glad to be back in his own bed. He didn't even pack his pillows which for me would have meant total disaster and possibly a turning-back, even if I had remembered when I was in Alabama, but Mr. Moon is a MAN! y'all, and can deal with strange pillows.
He will be glad to sleep on his own pillows though. I know he will.
I bet he'll be glad to see his wife, too. I just have a feeling.
It's funny but every time I see Mr. Moon after a time apart, I am amazed all over again at how tall he is. He really, truly is taller than a normal human being. In a world of oak trees, he is a redwood.
Okay. I think I may be straying into territory best kept private.
You know what I mean.

So. Last night on my own. I believe I'll be wild!!!! and eat an Amy's frozen vegan pizza. I'll cook some peppers and mushrooms and onions to put on it. I'll slice tomatoes and put those on there too. Hell, I could just go INSANE and put some pineapple on it!
Be still my heart.
And maybe I'll watch some TV show with preternaturally thin and blond women in it, sitting around and weeping and bitching and wearing more jewelry at one time than I own and drinking cocktails which themselves look like glowing jewels in glasses of amusing shapes. If one of those is on. The odds are good.
Damn good.

Seriously, it's been a good week. I started out feeling wavery and unsure I was even okay to stay by myself but I've done just fine. I haven't done anything exactly productive but I've figured out a Big Question out and I've taken many walks and I've eaten well and I've kept the animals alive. I've been out in public and even at night. I have read a lot.
I have taken care of myself.

And tomorrow Owen will be back for a long day and I'll take care of him and then Mr. Moon will be home and I will take care of him.

And he will take care of me.

Thanksgiving will be here and then before I know it, we will be packing up for Mexico.

All right. I am feeling all gooey inside and here is a beautiful song written by James Taylor but my favorite version of it is done by Jimmy Buffett on his album, Barometer Soup.

Sun so hot I forgot to go home.

Been there. Done that.
Used to have the t-shirt.
I found it on the back of a bathroom door at La Pepita when we checked in.

Oh shit. Where am I?
Oh yeah. Lloyd, Florida where the wind is kicking up and we might actually get some rain. Where my grandson will be coming back tomorrow, where my man will be too.

And soon we shall be going to Mexico.
I know you don't watch embedded videos but here's a version of James himself with pictures of not only Frida, but of an armadillo. I feel it is my duty to present this one too.

It all comes 'round, doesn't it?

Night, y'all.

Let us dream of the Maya. Let us have visions of Frida. Let us offer our hearts to Chac Mool if that is what we want to do.

I do. Well, to tell you the truth, his bowl already holds my heart.

But this panther?

He can bite my ass.

Oh wait. He already did. Long story.

More tomorrow.

Buenos noches...Maria Luna


  1. Sometimes your postings are like a little party! I love it ... after a boring, lonely day here it makes me want to dance around the kitchen a little when I'm cooking dinner. Certainly puts a smile on my face and that is soooooo valuable to me!

    I'm the same about the pillows and have actually turned around more than once to go back and get them and have also spent a week away crying and in agony because I was too whimpy to turn around... I totally get that one.

    Used to work in my grandparents old-time butcher shop and wrap that venison up for people like Mr. M. I loved doing it. It just seemed so natural and "real" - not like in the grocery stores.

    You did have a good week - you had a BIG week - with lots of nice things happening and some hard ones. I've loved every minute of it - it means the world to me to get to go along :)))

  2. Wonderful on every front.

    Who doesn't watch embedded videos? I watch them! Especially ones that you recommend --

  3. Hey, very very serious question here. When you add ingredients to a frozen pizza, do you cook them first? Like, do you brown the onions a little first...or do they get cooked neough on the pizza when its in the oven?

    Or is this the stupidest question in the universe?

  4. liv- Honey. You just come on any time. I love that you used to wrap venison. Not much fat in that meat, is there?

    Elizabeth- You are precious.

    SJ- Hell no. That is far from the stupidest question in the universe as far as I would know. I pre-cook my add-ons. Except for the sliced tomatoes. Those I just slice real thinly and set on top of the frozen junk.

  5. Yeah Mr. Moon returns! I would never have survived without my own pillow either.

    JImmy Buffett 's "Mexico" is the best rendition of that song. Maybe because I can just see him performing with the ocean at his back. Ah, I envy your getaway...

  6. That was a joyous and lovely ramble.
    Enjoy your trip to the redwood forest.

  7. I am glad that you are doing well. I like the song Mexico. It is a happy song but poignant. I would like to be leaving town for Christmas. Just sayin'.

  8. I cannot wait to read your posts from Mexico.

    ( we are going , the whole 7 of us , but to one of those all-inclusives which I know you loathe, but it works for our gang, for our needs at this time. I cannot wait.
    Christmas without all the nonsense. Just love and sand and sunsets over the ocean of the Riviera Maya.]

  9. What? Are you going to be in Mexico for Christmas? Where?


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