Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh My Lord

Home, home, Mr. Moon is home and Owen was here and then his mama came for supper and Zeke is back for a few days and oh. my. lord.

My sweet lord.

After complete quiet and no-one-but-me, here we are again.

Cooking, cleaning, tending. Laundry. After I take it out and hose it off to get the topsoil off.

Mer! Are you?

Right here, baby. Right here.

Mer is right here.

One more. One more kiss. Love you. Bye-bye. See you soon.

Come on, Bop. Time for bed.

Time for bed. Mer is tired. So are you.

One more. Time for bed. One more.


  1. Beautiful beyond words. Lily is so gorgeous and I love seeing her in profile next to her dad ~ same nose and smile, but beautiful like her mama. Welcome home, family!

  2. I missed you today -- I was out and about and having a not so good one. Part of that was because I didn't visit here.

    Good night, Ms. Moon -- I hope you sleep well with that handsome man of yours.

  3. Busy times, after quiet times, the best, Ms Moon.

  4. Lovely to think of you all together again.

  5. Nice to have that quiet filled with voices of those that you love.


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