Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kindergarten Rhymes

Mr. Moon is in the woods and Owen's on his way
I have been up since before the break of day...

Everything I start to write in my head today rhymes. Sometimes that happens. I do not know why.
I'll try to nip it in the bud.

So let me ask y'all a question- how many of you have book readers? And do you like them? I am thinking that taking my usual load of books to Mexico is really sort of ridiculous considering weight limitations on luggage and so forth when I could take what amounts to an entire library on a tiny little thing that would fit in my purse. Advice? I've fought the idea for a long time because, well...books! Paper, ink! ETC!
You know. I KNOW you know. you use one? What kind? Does it give you a satisfactory reading experience?

All right. I have to get ready for that boy of my heart.

The cat she is fed and the chickens are in the coop.
The refrigerator is filled with a vat of turkey soup.

The sun's coming up and the boy will want to play
Time to get going on this chilly winter day.

I'm done.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Your scenario is exactly why I have a Kindle. It can't replace a real book, but it is a fine reading experience if you get a nice case for it. Mine has a light built into it, which is handy.

  2. mr. m has a kindle and enjoys it. i am more of a real book reader because i need to underline/ notate as i read.


  3. For a long time I thought book readers were ridiculous and terrible. But then my dad bought me one. I have a nook color. I can read books in the dark while I'm helping sylvie fall asleep. It lights itself up, there is no page turning noise, it plays lullaby music for her, I can check my email. It's kind of perfect. I learned that while I love the smell of a book and the feel of the paper, it's the words that mean the most to me and those are still there on my Nook.

  4. I don't know, but I like the idea. Reports say they're wonderful for holiday reading. I like the idea of collections of stories all in one place to. Go for it.

  5. You're so Seussian today! I dig it.

    I have no advice about the reader, however I do have an opinion... You can get one and if it doesn't work out, buy books and mags as you go when you get to Mex.

    My problem with reading on screen is that it makes my eyes really strained and makes them want to close... but these new devices may have some kind of groovy new high tech filter for that kind of thing.

    Anyway, good luck, and keep rhymin'! (Owen will love it.)

  6. I'm in the same boat as you--resisting it at first and then with travel seeing the need. I am a big library user as opposed to buying books and what is pushing me in the direction is my library is offering books to download.
    P.S. Good poem

  7. I grew up in a book store and read with my butt in the water when i was a kid. Then I worked in a library for ten years to finally land at the editorial room for the biggest Belgian newspaper. I swore never to give up real books... But you know what, I love my iphone and love reading books on it. Sure, the pages are fast to turn, and I think an ipad would be better, but then I have the phone. I love that I can have many books on it that would indeed way to big to carry on plane or travel. So I can vouch for the iphone. My husband loves his kindle, and I am doubting an ipad... It's not how you read, it's what you read...

  8. I don't have one of those but I do have an iPad that I read blogs and stuff on. I could even download books but I usually just read books but then I'm not going to Cozumel for 10 days.

  9. I read books on my Kindle I have in book form because I read books to death and they can't take my abuse any more. Also Project Gutenberg is superb you can download classics for free. I'm reading Oliver Twist that I downloaded--ALL of Dickens. For free. And ALL of Virginia Woolf. And all of Dostoevsky. Lots of reading and it's more than paid for itself. Also good for traveling. And doctors' offices and trains planes and on and on.


  10. There are a lot more choices these days. I have loved my kindle for a few years now, it's a readaholic's dream come true. I used to take a book bag on vacation, now just a gadget. My neighbor loves her nook, too.
    If I were shopping today, I'd get one in color, with internet access, don't know if the kindle fire does that or not. My kindle books are transferrable to anything - ipads, iphones, laptops, so I can read those books on anything I have handy, which is nice. When I'm reading on my husband's ipad, I have color screen and internet envy, but not enough to upgrade my old kindle. Its like a good friend and I'm keeping it. It's jam packed with enough books to read forever, and I'm always checking Amazon for freebies, most classics are free.
    Good luck in your search, whatever you pick will do the job.
    ps somedays i think in rhymes too. odd.

  11. Oh, forgot 3 things, old model kindle needs a light to read at night, kindof a pain. Theres a highlight function that lets you mark passages you love and keeps them in a file for you to look back at, which is awesome, because I'm a big note taker when I read a good book. And the embedded dictionary is great too, definitions are always there.

  12. I want a book reader. You can rent books for the reader from the library without ever leaving your house. Check out the entire library on that thing.

  13. my husband and i each have a kindle and he uses his all the time because it is the smaller one, while i find mine too large to bother with most of the time. so get the smaller version, or if you can, get the new kindle fire, which is even more compact, like a trade paperback, and will allow you to browse the internet as well and is quite a handsome little number. i know because i got it for my husband for xmas and i am assuming he wont read my comment here! is it a satisfying reader experience? absolutely. and my husband no longer needs his reading glasses, he just enlarges that type and is good to go. it is quite a wonderful, portable little library. you get lost in the book in a different way; you're sort of more enclosed in the story somehow, more IN it, which is not, for me, unpleasant.

  14. it makes me sad though, because the days of small bookstores are numbered. e-readers are putting them all out of business. that is only happening however because people like the tablets. they are very convenient. some books, however, you will still want to own, anything related to keith richards, for example...

  15. Have everyone pitch in and get you and ipad2 for Christmas, you can use that as a book reader, blog from Mexico on it, etc...

  16. I have a Kindle and an iPad. I don't use the book reader much, preferring the feel and smell of paper. But I can tell you that a long trip would make me haul along the Kindle/iPad.

  17. I love my Kindle -- it doesn't replace a real book (cause nothing does!) but it's perfect for downloading books that you know you'll read and then never think about again. Or free classics. Or books that you read about but can't get to in the moment. It's the most like a real book with its ink technology screen -- an iPad is a computer and backlit. It's a strain
    on the eyes, I think. If you get the Kindle don't get the Kindle Fire because that's more like the iPad with that backlit thing. Also you CAN mark passages and notate with the Kindle -- once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy.

  18. Juancho- The lighted case sounds perfect.

    Mrs. A- I am not a note-taker nor an underliner. Never have been except when studying. So, works for me.

    Lora- It warms my heart to think of you reading from the device that your girl is listening to a lullaby on.

    Magnum- Yeah. I think it's in the cards.

    Jo- I'm thinking I will.

    Ms. Fleur- It's very hard to find books and magazines in Cozumel that are in English. Which is why I always take a pile of books with me.

    Michele R- I love the library feature.

    Photocat- Yep. I agree.

    Ellen Abbott- I can't believe I am either.

    Rebecca- Yes, Lily does that on her reader.

    Angella- It's surprising how few books I buy these days anyway. I am such a library fiend. But yes, there are a few....
    I don't think I want the Kindle Fire because I think we're going to get iPhones eventually and too much the sameness. I think.

    Bethany- Don't think I haven't considered that!

    Syd- I want all Things Apple but for the reader, I think the Kindle will do me.

    Elizabeth- I believe you! Thank-you!

  19. Mr. KIndle might get jealous
    of Mr. iPad, cuz I'm so zealous
    that with one e-reader I couldn't stop
    and at the Apple store went on to shop
    Mr. Kindle he's so fine
    and Mr. iPad is divine. : )


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