Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Almost-Miracles And A Recipe

The pies are gorgeous although underneath, the crust is patchworked. I tried a recipe I'd never used before and I was supposed to refrigerate that dough for an hour. Haha.
Well, as humid as it was and as lousy as my pie crust usually turns out, I am not upset.

I actually tried getting the washing machine to work one more time. And it did. I was so thrilled. I washed one entire load successfully and slick as could be. I thought that maybe a miracle had occurred. A Thanksgiving miracle! Tried another load.
No. Not at all.

Mr. Moon is already gone to fulfill his list and oh, maybe work. I don't even know. His list is like, "Oysters, beer, rum, vodka, dog food, washing machine."
My list, so far, is- flour, brown sugar, butter."

That's like one list saying, "Clean bathroom sink," and another list reading "Create world peace."

Well, I have other things to do, of course, besides buy those few things.

May called me from the grocery store yesterday.
"Wouldn't it be funny," I said, "if one Thanksgiving for the hors d'oeuvres part of the event we put out soda crackers and about five cans of spray cheese?"
"It's not too late!" she boomed.

Well. I better get to it. That bathroom isn't going to clean itself and that's the truth.

And it didn't really rain. Not really. Mist.
And I have sort of lost that feeling of This is going to be fun!
I really thought it was a real feeling. I wasn't even drinking when I wrote it.
Well, making those pies was fun. Doing that one load of wash was fun. Thinking it might rain was fun.

I don't have a real high bar when it comes to fun, do I?
Here's the way I make cranberry relish. You are supposed to make it a week ahead of time.
Oh well.

One bag of cranberries.
Two small-medium apples.
Two oranges.
1/2 cup pecans.
1 1/2 cups of sugar.
1/8 tsp. salt.

Wash all fruit well. Core and cut up apples into chunks. Cut up and seed oranges. Chunks. Don't peel.
Process in batches in the food processor all of the fruit until it is in small pieces but not pureed.
Chop pecans the same way.

Mix all the fruit and the nuts together in a bowl with the sugar and salt. Tuck away in the refrigerator until it's time to eat. Mix it all up occasionally.

It's fun to eat. I'm not kidding you.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Must try your relish recipe sometime, it sounds delicious, and something that I could easily add to almost anything! :-D Thank you for sharing, definitely. -AA

  2. I liked my mother's cranberrry relish. It was delicious!
    Hope that you have a fun party tonight. I am sure that it will be a good time.

  3. little things are fun and when you put them all together, you had a fun day.

    eat pie!

  4. thanks for starting my lazy morning off with a laugh ...and the promised cranberry relish. let the cooking begin.

    (i am tired already.)

  5. You tell that May that I love her.

  6. We always had a can of squeezy cheeze and saltines out at my ex-brother in law's for Thanksgiving appetizers. It was his favorite snack, bless his heart.
    I think a pretty platter of crackers with that cheese in the middle would be a hit at your party.
    Hope you have lots of fun and lots of laughs. Hope you get that washing machine problem figured out soon too.

  7. Pies!! Pies!! I'm going to bake pumpkin pies today. But right now I'm lying in bed thinking of making pies and reading your blog. That's a good start, I say!

  8. Beautiful pies, I'd better get started on mine.

    But that line "I really thought it was a real feeling. I wasn't even drinking when I wrote it." made my day !!!

  9. Nice pies! I made the relish last night and I just decorated it with leaves of peppermint and pecan halves. It's not as good as yours is, but it's a good replacement.

    Wish I was there to make you laugh. Thinking of home and you. <3

  10. Ah, it may not be world peace... but you know, if everyone made this and ate it, you just never know.

    It could happen.

    Cya tonight,

  11. Oh my god I love those lists, when I used to drink more we had lists like that, I kinda miss those lists.

    This is gorgeous to read.

    I didn't even know spray cheese existed. Are you kidding?
    You must be kidding.

    SPRAY CHEESE. Wow. What an idea.

    Now I'm not sure if you're saying that you've lost the idea of having fun, or if your idea of fun has turned into a reality of fun.

    You're deep into it by now. Thank you.

    love, deirdre

  12. MerMer......your Cran relish sounds better than mine.....if I ever cook again I will try it. (That's still the anesthesia talking.......I think I may be mending.)

    Yesterday I staggered to the freezer and moved a 13 lb. turkey from there to my frig. Realizing that I needed a nap after accomplishing that feat, I have wisely decided to have saltines and canned cheese for thanksgiving dinner (I had completely forgotten about that stuff) and will consider cooking the turkey over the weekend......the cats will have to make do with grilled liver, damn them.....would you believe that not one of them would bring me a glass of water last nite?.

    Luv you.

  13. going to try that relish this christmas....happy holiday!!

  14. Your cranberry relish recipe sounds so good. The squeeze cheese and crackers commentary was funny. The pies look delish. Have fun you fabulous Ms. Moon you! :)

  15. I didn't even know you could buy cheese in a can any more.

    The pies look delicious. Pie is pie no matter what the crust looks like.

  16. Dear Ms Moon, I landed on your blog after visiting . . . yikes. forgot who. typical for me. I have just spent who know how long back reading your blog. First, Owen is a beautiful charmer, second, what a blessed grandma you are.
    The things you write from your heart, your history . . . reach in and pluck at my heart. The way you write makes one forget that they're not reading but listening.
    glad to have found u.

  17. O liquid cheese "food'. I always wondered what that was...give thanks for American ingenuity.

    Have a splendid day with the fam tomorrow. the pies look beautiful.

    XX B

  18. That relish sounds delicious, I've never eaten anything like that and can't wait to try it. Out here we sometimes have 'Christmas' in July because it is winter then -- December is so hot we have grilled chicken or fish.

    The pies look glorious.


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