Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Counting Miracles

Making soup and bread is rising but I am feeling the agitato. I'll get over it. I dumped out so much stuff today. A gallon of turkey broth probably. So what? I am not crowding my freezer with Goodwill Tupperware inadequately labeled "turkey broth, '11." I should but I am not. Also I threw out the gravy which was pretty good. I don't need any more gravy.

So turkey and celery and onions and the broth and carrots and half a big thing of "fresh" salsa and garlic, garlic, garlic. I'll add rice, brown and wild. It'll be good, especially when I add lime juice and cilantro and chop an avocado and maybe some fresh tomato into it before we eat it.
I'm hungry.

I really don't have much on my mind, just is it really going to freeze this week? and should I get my hair trimmed before I go to Cozumel? Simple, normal things.

It's a relief.

Tomorrow Owen's coming at eight. I forgot Lily's midwife appointment this morning. I forget everything. Lily called me after the midwife left and said it was okay, the midwife had been really early. All is well. Her blood pressure is behaving. Owen listened to the baby's heartbeat and kissed his mama. All is unfolding as our hearts are too, even as we are not quite aware of it as we wait for this baby.
Isn't it amazing, the way babies just grow inside of their mamas and we have no idea the multitude of exploding miracles happening in there? On the outside, the mother looks beautiful and glowing or tired and weary but really- besides that expanding belly, there is so little sign of what is going on inside of her dark ruby womb. I think that is one of the reasons I dislike the practice of women getting so many sonograms during pregnancy these days. I keep thinking that it's somehow all part of the miracle not to actually "see" what is so naturally hidden away.
Perhaps that is ridiculous but honestly- I don't think that the studies can prove at this point that all of this pre-birth-baby viewing is doing much in the way of creating better outcomes for babies. In fact, I believe it probably is doing the reverse.

Well. It will be nice if we don't see the face of this child until it is born. He or she will be beautiful like Owen is, no matter where the genes land this time. Of that I am sure. To have the features, the form, the sex of the child revealed at that perfect moment of birth seems like all part of the plan of everyone's falling in love with each other all over again and in the newness of that freshborn baby.

Lily and Jason and Owen are going to Asheville tomorrow night to go visit Jessie. I am so glad of that. When I asked Owen about it, he said, "Whoo-hoo!" and stuck his arms up into the air. He loves Jessie so. And it will be so good for Lily to be loved on by her little sister.
Since the theme here today at blessourhearts seems to be miracles, let me just say that the way my kids get along with each other, truly love to be with each other- well, that's a miracle to me. A damn joyous one, too.

That's enough of the miracle talk. I could go on for days, as you well know, and sometimes do.
But if you want to tell me about any miracles you've encountered, small to large, prosaic to astounding, I would love to hear about them.

Yours truly...Ms. Moon


  1. I love your miracles. I can only hope my children get along that well in the future. Your soup too--yum! I made soup for dinner too, creamy sweet potato soup.
    My favorite miracles are the natural ones, like birth and laughter, but my niece just had her cochlear implant turned on and now she can hear! She even said my name! Miracle.

  2. Honey, I'm SO with you on the ultrasound thang. I once had some SE Asian refugee clients and they couldn't comprehend WHY anyone would want to see the baby before it came out. Indeed. I could go on and on about the way pregnancy has changed with emerging technologies but you're right. From a single cell comes a complex and awesome organism called a baby. And it's a miracle. Every time it's magic.

    Blessing on your girl and the babe within her.

    XXX Beth

  3. I've had three babies and I didn't know the sex of the first until she came out. I did know the sex of both babies that came next, but it was still astonishing to me that those boys grew inside of me and then came out to live their own lives. THAT's my miracle, I suppose.

  4. I have a miracle Ms. Moon!
    The last couple of days I have started seeing things from my mother's point of view and realizing there was a side to her that was a genuinely good person. A very strong person!

    Pregnancy and childbirth are so intriguing. In some respects I can see how the sonograms (is that what you call them?) are good. I used to worry so much that my child would have something wrong with him and had terrible dreams of giving birth to a monkey. Don't laugh.
    Anyway, maybe seeing your baby is okay and healthy along the way is reassuring to the mother who then doesn't transfer stress on to the kid.

  5. I love newborns. they are the most wonderful things on earth.

    my son and daughter, seemed to me, fought all the time. But at night after the parents went to bed, they would talk and love each other. today as adults, they are best friends. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. they will need each other, be there for each other many times when friends and lovers fail them, they always have each other.

  6. Glad that things are going well with Lily and the baby. And very nice that Jessie will have some visitors.

  7. oh ms moon ive been away far too long. cozumel and a new grandbaby? we have some catching up to do.

  8. I love reading about the miracle of pregnancy. And Owen in his babyhood.

    Right now we're having the wettest summer and no drought in about five years and that is a miracle, I have more garden around than ever before. No water restrictions or rationing! I am watering my plants to death and having baths twice a day.

  9. I wished I had Rubye Jack's miracle: that my children could see how it is in reality to raise 3 boys by myself without help and getting out of the welfare system to stand on our own. Sure, I made mistakes... But we all do. The miracle would be that children at the age of 20 and beyond see what life really was from the view point of the present parent. The absentee is holy of course.
    I often wonder if babies ever have fear inside of their little black space... If they feel claustrophobic at times...

  10. Lora- Oh, so many miracles! Yes. That is a great one!

    Beth- I take your blessings and I snuggle up with them. Thank you.

    Elizabeth- Every time. It's a miracle every time.

    Rubye Jack- Wow- a mother miracle! I am impressed! And honey- I dreamed I gave birth to everything from kittens to toads when I was pregnant.

    Ellen Abbott- Oh, Jessie and Lily had their fights. And hurts. And now they just love each other so much.

    Syd- Isn't it nice?

    Michelle- Where the hell have you been? I miss you like crazy! Welcome home.

    Mary LA- Do you have our water?

    Photocat- Well, there are so many levels of understanding, aren't there? And yes, the absent can be holy. I've seen that one happen. I don't know if babies get claustrophobic. It's all they know- that space in there that gets smaller and smaller.

  11. Babies that grow into siblings who love one another. Miracle.


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