Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Am Laughing With Them AND At Them

Oh my dear Jesus God. I have just spent an hour laughing until I have cried, quite literally.
If you need a little of that, go here, although you probably already have but if you haven't, just go ahead.
I swear- I have a headache from all the laughing/crying.

I am so easily amused.


  1. I've seen the books but never the site.

    Oh my god: Bridebathers and Waiting to Exhale are my favs so far.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  2. My daughter E. showed me the link to this crazy site. Yes...good for a belly laugh!

  3. How have you only found that now? First time I came across it I hurt laughing.

  4. That one has been a favorite of mine too!

  5. Elizabeth- It's sort of a dosage thing, isn't it? The more you see, the funnier they get.

    Ellen- I knew about it, I'd just never gone there.

    Jo- I've seen pictures FROM it plenty of times before but no, that was my first time visiting.

    Rebecca- It's a good one for belly-laughing time-wasting.

  6. I am sure Mrs. Bastard Beloved would love this. Funny stuff.

  7. Hilarious! This link cost me an hour of sleep last night, but it was well worth the laughs, thanks :)


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