Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yeah. Feels Like Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving countdown is going just as it should, meaning I have made one side dish, the dogs appear to be sick, my knee hurts, the washing machine is still sitting in there, broken, and the laundry is piling up and Owen is coming today and tomorrow and the party is tomorrow. And then, you know, Thanksgiving is the next day.

I went to the Costco yesterday and bought stuff for the party. I bought a turkey. I went to Publix and bought more stuff for Thanksgiving. I brought Owen home and we played for many hours and Lily came over after work and we all had supper and the fence in the backyard is draped with wet things that were in the washing machine when it broke and also two rugs, and the rug in the entry way to the house is going to the trash and so are those other rugs but I don't have a damn truck, I have a Prius, and Mr. Moon is on his way to work and to possibly buy a washing machine and he is driving the truck.

Yes, yes. I know. We have the money to buy a washing machine and for that, I am eternally grateful. I feel like the fucking 1%. I probably am.

Also, we have the money to buy food for the party and also beer and so forth. And we have a truck.

This year I swore I was only going to do the turkey. And the stuffing. Yep. That's it. The kids can do the rest. They agreed. Then all of a sudden I was thinking, "Oh wait. Gotta do the greens. Uh-huh." Then I found sweet potatoes tumbling into my hands at the Publix. And apples. And raisins. Why did I forget brown sugar? I did buy butter. And of course there are the two types of cranberries, the cranberry/orange/apple/pecan relish which May and I love and also, the plain berries kind which I mostly make because they are so beautiful in the bowl. And what about pies? The pecan pies. I have to make the pecan pies. The regular and the chocolate.

My knee hurts. I asked Mr. Moon who studied things like hurt knees in college what does it mean if it hurts here but is not swollen there? If it feels icky when you press on the knee cap. If it pops when you walk. He said something about patellar tendinitis. 
"Ice it," he said.
Well of course. You always ice it. Who has time to ice a knee cap?

My hand hurts too. Did I mention that? I slammed it into a door on my way through it the other day. Completely just slammed my hand by accident as I passed through a doorway. No anger was involved. When I did it, I said, "Boy, that hurts." Then I tried to forget about it.
Forget THAT.

Oh well. This is the way it is. It's okay. It's always okay. It's just a gathering (two gatherings) of loved ones. No big deal. For the party I'll make a big bowl of pasta and set out chips and dips. I have paper plates. I have plastic forks. I suppose that beer will show up somehow. I think that Mr. Moon will get oysters. Oh Lord. I forgot crackers and horseradish.

Oh Lord.

If only the dogs weren't sick. If only I had a washing machine. If only the rugs weren't draped over the fence. If only...

I'll light candles. If the dogs die, the dogs die. We'll get a washing machine.
Bruce Springsteen is coming out with a new album next year. CD. Collection of songs you can download. Whatever. I am going to Cozumel for Christmas. We're getting a new grandbaby in March. I have hot and cold running water. I have the four most wonderful human beings in the entire universe as my very own personal children. I have a husband who, well, I want to die in his arms. Not any time soon, but eventually. I do not need embroidered samplers to remind myself to be grateful.
Hey. I'm grateful for THAT fact.
And it's not the kind of grateful where you have to huddle around a fire made of cow chips and eat gruel and say, "Thank god we have cow chips!" and everyone chimes in to say, "Bless us every one!" and I take up my crutches and hobble outside to wash the gruel pot in snow.

So yeah, the Thanksgiving countdown is going well and just as it should and just as it goes every Thanksgiving and there are still about fifty percocets or some sort of pain drug in the freezer leftover from three years ago when Jessie had her knee operated on and if I'm really, really lucky, I'll get a bottle of anejeo rum and won't screw up the gravy and the dogs will die.

Just kidding about that last part!

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It's one of those days... When a washing machine is broken it is kind of hard to feel thankful. I lived through a divorce being pregnant of a third child and that was fine. Raised my kids without a father, that was fine. The only moment I broke down is when my washing machine broke, and did not have money for a new one. Some days are just the pits. But then Mr Moon will come home with a new washing machine and you will be happy again. Your knee will stop hurting, your hand will too, and your kids will be happy to be there on Thanksgiving. All will be well. I promise!

  2. Open some wine, put on some great rock n roll and roll pie baby.

    Sounds like you're going to bust through to the other side any moment now.

    Enjoy it to the max. Hope your dogs don't die.

    love d

  3. That's a great song about gratitude you just wrote. Yes, it is.

  4. Love you Ms. Moon, as usual. Happy countdown to Thanksgiving.

    "I feel like the fucking 1%. I probably am." Ain't that the truth!!!

  5. I have one of those popping things behind my knee cap and they said it is a Baker's cyst. My knee got messed up last night too--maybe it's a stress thing. You've got me tripping now on all those cranberries.

    Just think, Cozumel very very soon.

  6. It sounds like a day full. I am worrying about an old dog here. More vet bills that cost as much as major surgery. Oh well....we are in the 1% of something I guess, too. Thinking of you and the rugs and the dogs and the oysters.

  7. Dang Mama, I so wish I was there to take a shot of rum with you, watch Owen, help you set up the house and eat that cranberry relish that I love so much too. (actually, I think I need to call you to see how to make that relish right now.

    I love you. It will all be okay.

  8. i'm with honeyluna, pass the rum and post the cranberry relish recipe!

  9. Anna is making tater tot hot dish, so that is something.

  10. Well of course. You always ice it.

    Is that as close as you come to telling him no shit? :)

  11. "And it's not the kind of grateful where you have to huddle around a fire made of cow chips and eat gruel and say, "Thank god we have cow chips!" and everyone chimes in to say, "Bless us every one!" and I take up my crutches and hobble outside to wash the gruel pot in snow."

    If we don't make it to the party, it's because you made me die laughing with this one! PLEASE come over and use our machine....JEEZ! I'm begging you!

  12. I think you definitely are in the 1% ! The 1% of truly wonderful, funny and heartbreakingly honest people who make up this corner of the web.

    Well actually most people on the web are pretty great....but you are the #1 :)

    Now I know what I forgot....RUM, yum. I'll be hoisting a toast to you and yours on the day - as I know you will probably being toasting all here who love you too.

  13. Photocat- Washing machines are sort of symbolic of something, aren't they? Like, with the invention of the automatic washing machine, women were truly freed from a hell of a lot of work. Yes. All will be well. I know it.

    21k- You're so sweet. Damn, I'm so glad you're part of the family now. So here's something you need to know: I can't drink wine. I am horribly allergic to it. Don't know why. This only means that I focus on the beer, rum and vodka. Haha! Also- my dogs and I have a very ambivalent relationship. So when I say that if the dogs die, then the dogs die, I am sort of not joking. Although if they did, I would cry.

    Lisa- I'm just grateful I don't have to remind myself to be grateful. I swear to you- I do not have to do that.

    Elizbeth- Tee-hee, love.

    Jill- I might as well be the 1%. I sure am lucky. I know that.

    Rubye Jack- This is on TOP of the knee cap. I think I screwed it up when I slid and fell in the puddle of dog pee last week. Uh, actually? I'm sure.
    Cozumel, Cozumel, Cozumel....

    Syd- And thinking of you and your sweet old dog. Bless.

    rebecca- Will do! I swear!

    DTG- TOT DISH!!!!!

    HoneyLuna- HOW WILL I DO IT WITHOUT YOU? I swear, I do not know. Love and kisses...Mama

    Stephanie- Naw. I'm too in love with him right now to tell him that. It's just that the answer to all injury (and this is just about the truth) is to ICE IT!

    Ms. Fleur- Oh hell. I'm doing fine with the laundry thing. We have many of everything. And thank you for loving that part of my post. I thought it was pretty funny. See you tomorrow.

    liv- "Rum, yum."
    Thank-you. That is what my dear friend Lynn used to say every Thanksgiving when she would come over in the morning to watch me cook. She would make me do a shot of rum with her, close her eyes and say, "Yum Rum!" and then force me to dance with her.
    Let's all toast to each other with whatever makes us happy!

  14. Dear god you are funny. I am laughing. That is good. :-)

  15. Yeah - I gotta say...I might get through this holiday too. Might actually wear a smile on my face.

    Christmas. Screw that.

  16. Fucking appliances. They are not to be trusted, I tell you. I've almost always had a big "do" on Thanksgiving. One year the dishwasher broke. One year the garbage disposal, and the sink was clogged. Another year it was the damn vacuum cleaner. Damn you, washing machine! Get up! Do your job.
    Give my regards to the dogs. Hope they get better soon. And your knee. I would probably take 3 advil and duct tape an ice pack to it. A good conversation starter, right?


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