Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Saturday but Lord, don't it feel like Sunday? Everything is all screwed up, time-wise in my head. Mr. Moon is sort of wandering around wondering what it is he's supposed to do today.
Me? I'm just trying to figure out, as I do every morning, WHERE I am today.
Definitely not Minnesota.
Or Ohio.
Although I could, I suppose, be in Mexico. It's warm.
Oh wait. I'm in Florida. Land of the Loonies. Did you read about that doctor in Miami who was injecting women's butts with a mixture of cement, mineral oil and flat tire sealant?
And women were paying him? Her? She's possibly transgendered. The doctor. She did "plastic surgery" on herself.

Yeah. Florida. Gotta love us. Unless you live here and your governor is Rick Scott. Another family member of mine has been "let go" of her state job. She's going to be replaced with some woman whose daddy is a big campaign contributor.
Go figure.

Anyway, yeah, it's Saturday. I just went and let the chickens out and gave them some corn. Then I took a picture of one of the next-door banties who comes over daily to scratch in my yard. He's that gorgeous thing you see above. Now if that's not a pretty rooster. Jesus. You could wear him on your head as a hat. You could wear Elvis on your head as a hat but I think you'd have to be a member of British Royalty to get away with THAT fashion statement.

I think I'll go eat a bowl of cereal. The problem with this time of year is that there just isn't enough to eat. Haha! And then start working on the laundry again. As soon as the old washing machine heard we'd bought a new one, it started working again to a degree. It's back to handling two things at a time. Actually, I got CRAZY last night and tried washing a small rug in it.
Damn if it didn't handle it just fine.
I know, I'm pushing the envelope. I'm jumping the shark. I'm injecting my butt with cement.
No I'm not.
But I might take a walk.

Here in Lloyd, Florida. Where I am. I am pretty sure.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. The image of a butt injected with cement is a significant one for me because it describes how I feel on some days. :)

  2. Isn't that just like a washer to work when you've found a new one. Florida may be one of the few states that is actually worse than Oklahoma, but than you have good things like the ocean. And, the Moon family.

  3. Well I hadn't heard about the Dr. Crazy injecting women with that concoction. Good Lord....

    Mixed too. Feels like Sunday without the pancakes. I should do something only I want to just walk around with a cup of coffee and smell the fresh air.

    Yes...I do not like the desire to want to eat more in the cool weather. I just made some granola this morning and am eating the fragrant scent instead of eating yet. Well it is too warm at the moment.

    Happy mixed up day Mary.

  4. The holidays do bring that confusion of days don't they? I am so glad it is still football season. It is the only thing that keeps me tethered at this time! College games on Saturday, pros on Sunday. Thank the Lord!

  5. That's a great idea, do all the hard dirty washing in the old machine, keep the new one newnew.

    Thanks for the info on the butt surgeon guy. It might be useful one day.
    have a good saturday darlin.

    love d

  6. No. Washing stuff in a dodgy washing machine is not jumping the shark. But then, maybe you knew that :)

    I love the idea of wearing the rooster as a hat. Cock Chic :)

  7. Butt injections? Why not use lard and then the name " lard ass" would fit just fine. Or someone could say to this person " I have a crack in my cement". Sorry butt it is late!

  8. I'm never sure Florida is in the US. Or on the planet Earth really. It'd so...tropical in that Garden of the Finzi-Contini kind of way. Or Tennessee Williams kind of way, especially Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

    It's flat and southern and orange-y with warm ocean and lots o retirees and ordinary folks like yourselves.

    I did live there once, in college, in Deland. I dropped a lot of acid and had plenty of sex with my handsome Northern boyfriend. There was Spanish moss, as I remember. And pecan pie. This was a long time ago, a very long time ago.

    Thank you for living there.

    Your friend, Beth

  9. Elizabeth- And it gives new meaning to the phrase: Junk in the trunk.

    Rubye Jack- We do have oceans. But Oklahoma has you.

    Ellen- I haven't made granola since Hank and May were babies. Maybe I should to that again.

    Kathleen B- I do not have that anchor. But I am glad you do. We all need what we need.

    21K- If a "plastic surgeon" offers to come to your house and inject you with something in coming out of a tube from an ice chest just say no. Okay?

    Jo- Cock chic? Hahaha!

    Syd- I am so happy when you are silly.

    Beth- You would find some major changes and some eternal sameness. Wonder where that boyfriend is?


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