Thursday, November 10, 2011

Settling In Alone

Does every picture speak a thousand words?
Hell no.
But that one above says a bit about me:

1. I am a grandmother which is why I have a small plastic giraffe in my laundry room. Owen likes to tuck it in with the old towels and rags I have stored in an old laundry hamper so it can "nap." It amuses me, that giraffe, so I take it out and put it up on the window sill.

2. I like to root plants.

3. I have a mother in an assisted living facility and on her floor there is a lovely porch with a verdant garden of potted ferns and geraniums and all sorts of beautiful green things growing. It is tended by Miss Mabel who is 102 years old and who can barely see and since she's moved to the facility, my mother has become Miss Mabel's assistant in plant-tending. Miss Mabel tells mother what to do and Mother does it. When Jessie and I went to see Mother the other day we went down to see the garden and in the trash was a large piece of scented geranium which Miss Mable had trimmed and discarded. I brought it home and have it in water to root. I thought it looked lovely with the giraffe next to it, looking as if it were grazing on the trees in the Serengeti or wherever it is that giraffes live.

Which leads us to

4. Whimsy is a friend of mine.


5. I am tacky as hell.

So. Mr. Moon is gone. For a week. Or so. Whatever. And it is getting cold.

Two days at the Goodwill I saw what I thought was a fake-fur jacket. I went over and touched it. If that was fake fur, it was the best fake fur I had ever felt in my life.
I checked the inside of the coat to find that it was actually a very nice coat with a beautiful lining and it was some sort of lambskin fur.
Oh shut-up, you anti-fur people! Unless you don't eat meat or wear leather in which case you can tell me where to go. You have the moral authority to tell me whatever you want to tell me but I will tell you this- that jacket was the softest thing I ever felt in my life and I wanted it. It cost $149. At the Goodwill.
Jesus, folks!

I wish I'd bought it. I might go back and see if it's still there. I could wait until Monday when clothes are half off but it might be gone by then.
We shall see.
I don't handle cold well and if I had that jacket made of the pelt of lambs (I don't even EAT lamb!) which, may I point out? have been dead for a very long time, I would be warm and it would give me something to enjoy about winter.

How's that for rationalization?

I got my teeth cleaned. They are in "good shape." I wish the rest of me was.

I went and stayed with Owen for a few hours. He was half asleep when I got there so I laid down with him for a nap. Listen- I should do a recording of me telling the Mr. Peep nap story because I could make millions putting people to sleep with it. It's a gift, people! Owen ASKS me to tell him the Mr. Peep nap story when he wants to go to sleep.
Then of course, I fell asleep too. Me and Owen and Zeke on Lily and Jason's bed. It was so cozy.

When his mama got home, I got up and went to the store and bought salmon which I am going to go cook right now.

And then I am going to tuck myself into bed and read for as long as I want and the full moon will rise above these clouds which have made me feel gray all day but I will know it's there- that moon.
Just as I will know that although my husband is not here with me, he is loving me as I am loving him. That although Jessie is not here, she is fine and happy and good. And oh yes- the news I had but didn't feel able to share? I will tell about tomorrow.
(Was that a hint or what?)
Just as I will know that deep inside of me, no matter what, I am okay.

I hope you are too as this same moon shines on you.

Stay warm. Be well.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. No moon here in England, it is midnight, and I need to go to bed too. With my book on my iphone. RR Martin Games of Thrones, part 3. My Mr Wonderful is asleep already, I can hear him snore... You will sleep alone and I will sleep next to my husband. Next week it will be the other way around. I think that it keeps couples in good shape, the tides of having them near or far...
    I will wish you happy dreams.

  2. Sometimes the items in Goodwill are priced too high, but $149!!??? never seen anything that expensive. And no judgement here on the fur. It (or one like it) is old, not new.
    Yes, I can feel that you have had news brewing over there.
    Stay cozy tonight under that Full Beaver Moon.

  3. they have things at goodwill for $149???


  4. Hmmm. I'd see if Goodwill would make a deal.

    Shhhh. I have my mother's mink from the 60s. My daughter wore the evening of her wedding.

    I would like to know the specifcs of what is more sustainable from an eco p.o.v.. Fur or synthetics?

  5. I'm either so credulous (and open to weirdness) or so tired or both that at first glance I thought that was a picture of somebody's real giraffe outside their sliding doors,
    some sort of crazy people like those who keep lions and tigers at home...

  6. The moon tonight is so big it has taken over the night.

    I love you Ms. Moon!

  7. I like the still life in your windowsill. I have a begonia rooting in my windowsill too, but it would look nicer with a giraffe, I think.

    You should record some tapes reading to Owen, my mom did that for the kids, and they are treasures. Those recorded stories might come in handy when you're not around and mama's busy with the baby. Let Mer-Mer read you to sleep!

    A secret? I can't hardly wait...
    the moon is beautiful tonight, hope you got a lot of good looks at it.


  8. I guess I am going to hell in a hand basket because I have a sheepskin that was once part of a whole entire sheep. It is BIG! I sit on in it and it keeps me warm.

    I have been trouble sleeping. I would like to hear the Peep nap story.

    Looking forward to the news!

    And yes, I am under the moon thinking of you.

  9. Please tell the Peep story...please?

    The moon here tonight was big and very bright. My Love tried to go out and take photos as I was in the middle of fixing dinner. He wasn't really prepared and didn't think he did such a hot job. Hey, sometimes you just stop what you are doing and appreciate what you see.

    I like that your mom has settled in Mary....

  10. I hear your voice in my head from your videos, telling the Peep story.

    What news?

  11. Get it - that lamb's been dead for years and you didn't kill it. Your buying it and wearing it makes its demise more meaningful.

  12. Until I read the first paragraph, I was totally seeing that giraffe as life size, beside a tree. I have got to get new glasses.

    I don't eat meat, wouldn't buy fur, do wear leather shoes (therein is my hypocrisy) ... but I don't think there's much wrong with buying second hand, one way or the other. And spend the money, you don't spend it on any other clothes!!

  13. When I come to visit, my ass had better get the Mr. Peep nap story before bed. I mean it too!

    I love you more than my wine. That's a lot.


  14. Photocat- Are those books good? Should I read them?

    Michel R And Mrs. A- Yeah. Our Goodwills have gotten crazy.

    Denise- Excellent point!

    A- It's a very realistic-looking plastic giraffe. It makes me laugh every time I see it reaching for a geranium leaf.

    Rubye- I love you too.

    Mel- That moon hid from me. Darn her. Maybe I should record Mr. Peep.

    Birdie- I lust for one of those sheep skins.

    Ellen- You would fall asleep if you heard it. It's incredibly boring.
    Yes, Mom has settled in but she's talking about wanting to die again...

    Elizabeth- God, I can drone like no one's business. News now reported.

    Lucy- I may just wait 'til Monday, see if it's still there.

    Jo- Hey! I bought some new clothes yesterday. I swear. I did.
    I need new glasses too.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Well I love you more than beer AND coffee. So there! You bet I'll tell you the Mr. Peep story. Right after I tuck you in.

  15. My wife has all the furs from her mother and my mother. She won't wear them. I understand but the animals are dead a long time.


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