Monday, November 7, 2011

Late Afternoon Rant

It's dry. Dry like dust, like bone.
And I don't feel too well. I don't know if my body aches because I'm getting sick or if my body aches because I am sick in the head and it's so dry and it's gray but it won't rain and my datura are drying up and why do I care? Those fuckers never bloom anyway.

My boy threw a big ol' fit when his daddy left this morning and that was a first. No, he doesn't feel "himself." He got over it pretty quickly but when he left after his nap he was running a temp again. Poor little guy. He wanted his mama to stay here. He wanted to eat supper. Since it was only three o'clock, that didn't seem like a good idea and they went on home with Zeke sitting up there beside Owen looking like, "Thank God.Get me out of here."

So Jessie will be here pretty soon and I realized that Trivia doesn't start until ten-thirty. At night, y'all. WHAT?! Ten-thirty?
Maybe not.

We're all talking about going to the fair on Wednesday night and I guess that would be fun...
Actually, I am over the fair. I don't want to eat that crap, I don't want to ride those rides. I told Hank today that the fair is just so...tawdry. He said, "Yes! That's what I love about it!"
Yeah, well. I believe that much tawdriness in one place is just too much for me but if the entire family wants to go, I'll go.
I do like the chickens.

Could I be more negative?

Well yes, yes I could. I could start talking about Herman Cain again but that just makes me want to chew up a beer bottle and spit glass. And then that stupid Ann Coulter who REALLY NEEDS TO SHUT HER MOUTH said something the other day about how much better "their" blacks are than the "other" blacks, meaning Republican versus Democratic. I guess.
Look- I grew up hearing every damn old Southern woman proclaim that "their" nigras were never treated badly. Why "their" nigras didn't even want to leave the plantation after the war!
Of course "their" nigras were the ones owned by the great-grandfathers of these old women and they really didn't know much better although ignorance is no excuse, really, but shitfire! Ann Coulter? How does she get away with saying this crap?
It's bad enough that she should even think it but to open her red-lipped mouth and say it? Out loud? On TV?
Hand me a beer bottle. I'll just go directly to hitting her over the head with it.

All right. I better just shut my mouth. This is a crazy world and my problems don't amount to a hill of beans and what I think doesn't really matter anyway. My boss is a two-year old boy and he doesn't claim sexual harassment if I want to take a nap with him. That's a good thing. Jessie's coming. That's a great thing. I have running water and could water those datura if I wanted to.

Mr. Moon just got home. I wish I'd sprayed some Fabuloso around so that he'd think I'd been cleaning all day but it's too late now. Oh well.

If he loved me for my housecleaning abilities he'd have been gone a long time ago and that's a fact.


  1. Poor Owen.

    Lemme get you some bottles for the rest. Full, so you can drink before the fair and trivia, then once they're empty you can beat some Republican ass.

  2. Hermain Cain = Republican Shwarzennager (CANNOT SPELL HIS NAME)

  3. we can send you some bottles too!


  4. Great post and my favorite subject; ranting!

  5. Hand me a bottle , I'm right behind you...hmmm you smell lovely :)...eau de Fabuloso? You crack me up!

    PS: Please don't get sick -- rest, sleep, eat, rant your head off -- but don't get sick....although it is nice sometimes to have an excuse to curl up in bed for an extended period of time....

  6. rant away, dear woman. i am listening.

    not much commenting energy, but want you to know i am here.

  7. Take from me-- the "nigras" are not so keen on Cain. The ones in the big house and the ones in the field.

    I am 100% annoyed by a lot of what I am seeing. I'm feeling your rant and ready to egg you on as you grab for those bottles. . . .

    This is what this black woman has to say about Mr. Cain:

    "Hello? You do realize they can all SEE you don't you?"

    Mmm hmm. That's all I got, Sister Moon.

  8. Regarding Ann Coulter. I am stunned that people still think like that. Then... they say it our loud for everyone to hear. She needs do do more than shut her mouth. She needs to go back to pre-school and learn a few lesson.

    I hope wee Owen is feeling better? Are his 2 year molars coming in? Poor little dude.

  9. Please, I am chewing and spitting glass enough these days, so I don't need to ingest it regarding the Repubs. How out of touch can these people be? I wonder if they want to have things back on the plantation the way they used to be. What they are doing in the modern world is nothing short of slavery.

  10. You go, honey. I'm watching the sexual harassment story bubble away. Mr Cain, get back, cuz Ms Moon is after your ass!!!

  11. Ann Coulter....don't even get me started.

  12. The fair is perfectly tawdry; tawdry wrapped in seedy fried in hot oil and sprinkled with powdered sugar. We went last night and had a blast on the rides, eating some corndogs (go to the place down by the animals that has buttermilk corndogs).
    We love the animals, and I always make sure we visit the 4H exhibit; it is what the fair is about after all-the farmers! LOVE the fair!

    Ann Coulter is just overcompensating for her stupidity by saying such things. She doesn't get attention for being smart, clever, interesting, or beautiful--so she's nasty and mean and loves the fact that she riles up most folks with decent sense.
    The worst insult for that attention whore is the complete ignore. Recycle your beer bottle and "bless her heart", her black icky heart.

  13. and then kick her in her coochie,

    sorry, just couldn't hold it back.

  14. I love Hank and I love tawdry! Clearly, we are somehow blood related.

    Ann Coulter doesn't even anger me. I have less than zero consideration for her. Seriously. I don't even get mad or riled up at her. I have no respect for her. Not one iota. I tend not to get worked up about people who mean less than nothing to me. She may as well be a damn bug. Actually, she sort of is. Same goes for Rush.

  15. It might take more than a beer bottle to hit that woman over the head with.


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