Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's been windy all day, the leaves falling like rain, tumbling as gracefully as ballerinas as they drift and fall and scatter. Several times today Owen and I just stood and watched them, mesmerized by the sight of them.
And now, I swear to you- I think it might rain. Could we really be that lucky?

And I am SO not freaking out. I am sort of freaking out that I am not freaking out.
I think I just realize that there is no point. What the damn hell? This shit is gonna happen no matter what and I ain't worrying about it. In fact, it might as well be fun.

Is that a fucking epiphany or what?
Obvious, much?

I got to hang with Owen today and take a great nap with him. I've talked to Jessie and May on the phone and I've seen Lily. I'll be seeing Hank tomorrow. That boy of mine.
I have no idea who will show up tomorrow.
I've done a poor job of inviting anyone. I did talk to my sister-wife today. Well, she's not really my sister-wife. She's the wife of my ex-husband which means she's Hank and May's other-mother and they're coming. So that's good. If they're coming and the kids are here, it's a party.

I just spoke to Mr. Moon and he's in the store right now looking at washing machines. The way they do it these days is if you buy the damn dryer, they give you a washer for free. Just about. This is ridiculous! I don't really need a new dryer! But, hell, if you can get a washer AND a dryer for what a washer would cost...

Problems of the 1%.

I think I'll go make some pies. Yep. That's what I want to do. Make pies. It's too humid to mop and besides, if they bring in a new washer (and dryer?) tomorrow, they're going to get that kitchen all messed up anyway.

Okay. One more thing:
When I went out to gather eggs this morning I found that teeny-tiny one.

It's like the size of Mr. Moon's thumb tip. And it looks, in color, exactly like the GIANT eggs that I get these days.
Does one of my hens have a messed-up woo-woo? Is her egg-size-calculator all discombobulated? Is she in the process of refining things?

How cute is that? I sort of want to fry it and give it to Owen. As a meal.

Which, speaking of. Here that boy is:

He's on an orange-eating kick. I shared one with him today and he told me, "No choking!"

Pies. Pecan pies. Flour, Crisco, water, pecans, eggs, Karo syrup, sugar, salt. And chocolate for one of them.

No choking, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I never thought I'd say this about an egg, but that one is very cute. But not cuter than that boy with his orange wedge. So, so sweet.

  2. Like John Lennon said:

    Beautiful, Beautiful,
    Beautiful Boy

  3. happy pre-thanksgiving-

    thanks for the sb update- i've been missing her wit


  4. Poor little hen with her little egg...or did a bantam sneak its way into your henhouse?

    I hope it rained for you...it's sure raining here.

  5. gradydoctor- He is more beautiful than the camera shows. I swear.

    liv- I think that all the time.

    Mrs. A- I knew someone would be wondering.

    silverfinofhope- May that rain come here, too. We are thirsting.

  6. If you're really in the 1%, I'd love you to send me eggs every morning. Surely you could manage that?

  7. Elizabeth- Oh well. I have that sending things neurosis. Sorry. But I wish I could share my eggs with you. I really do.

  8. Mmmmmm. Boy. Pies. New appliances. Fresh eggs.
    What bounty.

  9. Your eggs look so beautiful as well as appetizing. In part because I read you at 7am in the morning here and nothing beats a soft-boiled freshly laid egg.

  10. That little egg came from a chicken? wow...very cute... looks like the teeny spotted eggs they have here in Bangkok... I am not sure which bird they collect them from... they fry 12 of them together in these really small cupcake pans because one does not fill a little boy's tummy... so people buy five or six of them at one go.
    Your grandson is adorable... Bless!

  11. No choking!

    A perfect quote from a perfect boy.

    XX Beth

  12. Loooove the 'no choking" saying. Grin. And only you could compare leaves to twirling ballerina's. So wonderful!

  13. That egg is adorable. Of course, the boy is too! I think it's wonderful that you and your ex and his wife can party together. I mean, just, yeah. That's a good situation.

  14. I don't know that I could eat a green egg. I think that it is cool that you have chickens. Here they would no doubt be fox food. We are cooking today for tomorrow. It will be a good time. Hope that your day is good with all the pies and washing machines and eggs.


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