Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cowboy Owen Rides A Dinosaur At The Fair

Well, as you can see, we did go to the fair.

And it was fun and not very wild and here's a very short video of a two-year-old boy riding his first ride all by himself and having the very, very best time doing it.


  1. Argh Ms. Moon! I come home and gone are the beautiful eggs, gone are the flowers, and what do I find in their place... Oh dear.

  2. Wow. I feel like there's been an explosion. I love the blue and red -- the picture is, of course, fantastic. I suppose it was time to shake things up.

    And that video of Owen is hilarious. To be a little guy, enamored of going round and round in circles on your very own plastic dinosaur.

  3. Woohoo!
    I couldn't help myself. I had to join in. :)

  4. So DID you see her without a head?
    Was her hand still holding that telephone?

  5. Did she really have a bitchin Ozzy tattoo?

  6. I love the sound of you guy WOOing for him and him laughing!

  7. I remember the fair when I was a kid. There were creepy body parts in jars. Obviously a low tech fair at that time.

  8. I love the response every time Owen came by! What fun he had!!!

  9. ADORABLE!!! Both Owen, and his family--who cheered every time he came around. Love it.

  10. Rubye Jack- Gotta change things up. Gotta give props to crazy part of me. Right?

    Elizabeth- I am glad you understand it all.

    Mel's Way- It is a lot of fun to cheer a two-year old on as he rides a dinosaur under the crazy lights of the fair.

    A- Oh hell no. I am happy with the fantasy.

    DTG- Fuck if I know. But don't you love the art?

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- You are WELCOME! Wish you'd been there.

    Stephanie- It was just so...whoo-hooishly appropriate.

    Syd- Which is why I do not do side shows. Me too.

    Ellen- We wanted to make sure he had a good time.

    Lora- And Mr. Moon was off getting me some unsweetened iced tea. Bless his dear heart.

  11. You reminded me of my mom with my kids. Whooo! Everything my kids ever did in her presence deserved a whooo!
    And now I have tears in my eyes because I am so glad my mom was my mom and I am so very glad Owen has you.
    You are a beautiful person, Ms. Moon.


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