Thursday, November 23, 2017

Why Do I Inflict This Pain On Myself?

So full.
So, so, so full. Honestly, I ate more than I usually do at Thanksgiving and I do not know why but I did and it doesn't seem to matter- every Thanksgiving I feel the same way after the meal which is almost desperate to lay down.

Here's some pictures. Mostly of kids. Because kids are cute.

This is how Maggie looks when she's not getting her way. Lenore and Gibson were doing their best to prevent her from taking the wagon back to the mud. She was not happy. 

According to his parents, August went to bed for his nap with normal hair and woke up with this. Is he being inhabited by the spirit of Billy Idol? We have no idea but it is as soft and fluffy as a baby chick's and we love it. 

We love babies too. 

I'd show you some pictures of food but I didn't take any and at this very moment I never want to look at food again. 

Hope your Thanksgiving was everything you dreamed. 

Does Alka Seltzer really work?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Give yourself a few hours and that stuffing will be calling for you. Sometimes I find the more I eat the hungrier I am later. Which reminds me, I have leftover pasta primavera in the fridge. I think I’m hungry.

  2. Alka Seltzer! "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!" I remember those commercials!

    August is so funny with that hair. And I love Gibson's skeleton shirt. I ate too much too, and I didn't even intentionally have a Thanksgiving dinner!

  3. I love to see barefoot kids! Went to my cousin's for dinner, and as she, her daughter, her sister and I were prepping it took me back to the 'good old days.' My Mom and her Mom and their two sisters used to do the same thing together. It made for an ever better Thanksgiving. I'm glad yours was so nice.

  4. as usual I ate to much to want desert even though I planned to not do that and have desert.

  5. Hope you are recovered. Looks like a fine time with the kiddos. August and I have the same bed head! Only mine is not as soft or as beautiful. Big love. XXOO

  6. I felt the same way--entirely too full. I do like Thanksgiving though because it centers around food. Christmas sucks ass. I know we are in accord about this.

    Love you!

  7. If anyone gets tired of Maggie, please send her out this way. I think I might adore her.


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