Saturday, November 18, 2017

Levon Comes To Visit And I Get A New Phone And Meet A Very Nice Person

Going to make this short tonight because I am weary to the bone but it's a sweet weariness- it was such a good day despite my whining about it this morning. And Levon did make it out to the house for the first time and he seemed to be okay with it all. He slept and nursed and peed and pooped and nursed some more and slept for more. I even got to snuggle in with him on my bed after supper until I almost fell asleep. Heaven.

I got my phone this afternoon and that turned out to be a really nice experience. They guy at Verizon who helped me was simply splendid in all regards as he answered all of my questions and gave me all the information I needed and by the time it was over, we knew each others' philosophies of life, I'd seen a video of his nephew, I know what he's studying in collect (economics) and I'd showed him my blog. He was quite impressed that when you google "blessourhearts" my blog comes up first in the list.
Actually, I was impressed too.
He transferred all my information to my new phone for me and he simply could not have been nicer. I asked if I could take his picture and put it on my blog and he said I could.

His name is Shannon Sharpe and he approved this photo. 
Thank you, Shannon, for not making me feel stupid or technically inept and for taking the time to make me feel comfortable. And for laughing at my jokes. You are a fantastic employee and I wish you all the luck in the world as you travel through this life. 

Then I bought the turkey and some other things and came home and made the cranberry sauce and the cranberry relish and then I made a casserole dish of chicken and vegetable enchiladas and Jessie came out the kids and Vergil had shot a deer and brought that back to clean and put in ice and then we all had supper. August was so happy to be back at Mer's. We collected eggs and he wanted me to make him cheese and macaroni to eat in his high chair and so I did. It never ceases to amaze me how children create and then must stick to these routines, these traditions. It must be comforting to them and it is comforting to me, too. 

And we all held Levon and now we're quite melty at the edges, soft and tender in the heart. 

And then we kissed and hugged our big boy who had been put into his pajamas and brushed his teeth.

And now it's time for me to brush my own teeth and put on my white cotton nun nightie and crawl into my sheets. It's been a good day and I am grateful for it. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Hi there Ms. Moon! I just wanted to leave a comment to tell you that I always love reading your blog and have been reading for a long time now. Congratulations to all on that wonderful new baby boy. Every time I read his name I think of Levon, the song by Elton John, which is a great song. He seems like such a contended little guy. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. -Jenn

  2. Check out that new onesie! Eek! I love that Levon doles out that expression even on his mum.

    Grateful for Shannons of this world. (Single?! jk.) Gorgeous dude, though. :)

  3. How lovely that your blog is a celebration of wonderful men (and men to be) on International Men's Day!
    I would so love a cuddle of that sweet, squishy baby. August in his jammies is pretty snuggable too...

  4. Well, Shannon certainly seems like a helpful guy and god bless the people who help us all navigate this crazy maze of ever-evolving technology. Re. Jo's comment above, I didn't know it was International Men's Day. Who knew there was such a thing?


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