Thursday, November 2, 2017

A Simple, Good Day

It has been the sweetest day in many ways and right now I am perfumed with a delicious bouquet of white vinegar, Fabuloso, pineapples, and onions.
Those things may sound like they don't go together but somehow, they do.
Listen- I am a terrible housekeeper. That's just all there is to it. Plus, I hate housecleaning. So I rarely do it. Oh, you know me- I sweep, I never leave the dishes dirty overnight and keep a fairly clean kitchen. I fold my laundry right off the line or out of the dryer, I try to keep the toilets clean and the sinks clean enough and I don't let the garbage or recycle pile up but frankly, I'd rather clean the poop out of the henhouse than dust my furniture or clean a baseboard.
But when I have company coming, I just absolutely have to get a few things in order and so that's what I did today after I walked and went to Publix. I haven't even scratched the surface of what needs to be done.
But the guest room has clean sheets, the bathroom is slightly less moldy, and the kitchen floor has been mopped.
And Lon and Lis will love me anyway, I think, and if they judge me, they keep it to themselves.
They keep a tidy house and they're the busiest, most productive people I know. I have no excuse for my slatternly ways. None at all.
Well, la-di-dah.
I'd say that my cooking makes up for a lot but Lis is as good a cook as I am and that's the truth.

Okay, okay. I am not beating myself up. I do what I can do and that's all I can do, to misquote Popeye.

Another detectorist knocked on my door today. He arrived in his work truck and still had his uniform on and had his metal detector with him and asked with such politeness if he could search my yard that I had to tell him yes.
His name was Hiram.
He found some old trash and a few modern coins but nothing of interest, really. He wants to come back though and swears he'll find an old coin. That it'll just take some time.
"This is my crack," he said, hoisting his metal detector. "I just love it."
In the summers he dives in the rivers for arrowheads. He gave me a beautiful old ink bottle that he found in another yard a few days ago. He doesn't mess with bottles. I'll post a picture of it when I clean it out. It will make a spectacular bud vase.

And speaking of which, Mr. Moon did some mowing this evening and found this.

Just a little old pitcher, sweet as can be, right on the ground by the big oak behind the church. It probably came up after the rain and the chickens might have had something to do with scratching it out. It has no markings but I think it's precious. 

That's about it from here. I believe I will sleep very well tonight. I am grateful that I've had a good amount of energy lately and I am so looking forward to seeing Lon and Lis and of course, we wait on King Richard. 

That's a picture that Mr. Moon sent me when he dropped by to see the lady-in-waiting and her son this afternoon. 

Give a good thought to Hank tonight, if you will. A very, very dear friend of his died today. 
A brother, as Hank calls him. 

Let's love one another. That's really the most important thing we can do. 

Ms. Moon


  1. Just knowing that you are not a good housekeeper makes me love you more. Sending love to Hank. And magic to Jessie and King Richard.

  2. I love the Llama print in that first photo! So sweet. 💕 I'm a terrible housekeeper, too. My truest friends don't care and I'd rather spend the extra time with them than dusting and scrubbing baseboards! Housework will always be there, friends, sadly, may not. Love to Hank.

  3. I love the llamas! Can't wait to meet the king! I'm so very sorry for Hank's loss. Housework is highly overrated. I liked my mother's little plaque that said "My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy". Mom's house was pretty spotless though.

  4. Sending love to Hank. I’m glad you had a good day. xo

  5. You run laps around me in the cleaning department. A couple years ago I hired a cleaning person that comes fortnightly and it's the best money I spend. Hank just received a virtual burst of thoughts from me. And King Richard did too. The embroidery is great.

  6. Love you just the way you are. It is such a comfort to find you here, day after day. Can't wait to see King Richard. His entrance must be getting close. Jessie has that "I'm ready" look. x0 N2

  7. My mama was a neat freak. She never worked outside the home, but ran ours like a pro. She made everyone's bed, took all day to clean one room (including cleaning the window tracks with a toothbrush!!!), and people said you'd never find a speck of dust in her house. Well, the rebel in me wouldn't stand for that! On the surface, my home looks clean. But the baseboards WILL be dusty, as will the furniture. I enjoy scrubbing my kitchen floor so it's always clean.
    My thoughts are with Hank, and of course with King Richard as he prepares for his birth day.

  8. I'm sorry to hear about Hank's friend. How funny that you got another detectorist! (A more thorough one, from the sound of things.) I can't wait to see the bottle and the pitcher is awesome! Hope you're having a great visit with Lon and Lis.

  9. I'm late, but I'm sending lots of good thoughts to Hank. I'm sorry to hear of his friend's death.


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