Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sunday On The River. Briefly.

Okay. I love the falling-back part of time change. Who doesn't? Except...
It's not even 6:00 and we've had our supper, I guess, and I'm tired and my hips hurt and I can't possibly go to bed for another three hours. At least.
What am I going to do in the meantime?
I sewed up my dress, I don't want to start any new projects, and if I go lay down and read I'll fall asleep.

And if that isn't a first-world problem, what is?

Mr. Moon and I took Gibson and Owen down to the St. Marks river today for a little boat ride, a little mullet casting, a little fishing. However, after about five minutes, the motor quit and we had to get towed back to the dock.
"Oh well," I said, sucking another boiled peanut out of the shell and into my mouth, "At least we didn't have time to run out of snacks. "

Count your blessings, babies.
One by one.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Now that’s looking on the bright side. As for bedtime, it’s whatever hour you say it is! It’s cold and rainy here and I just climbed under the covers with my kindle. Bedtime might be early tonight!

  2. I too was ready to head to bed early and had to occupy myself until a respectable hour. Which we've thankfully reached now.

  3. It’s 7:39 here and I am done with today. Blessed sleep awaits.

  4. Yeah. Daylight savings time -- meh.

  5. I adore boiled peanuts. Haven't had any in way too long.

  6. I never have trouble finding ways to occupy my time. I don't always want to do them though. Seems like I did go to sleep earlier last night but hard to say since the clock in the living room stopped working and it's always 5 minutes to 6.

  7. Well, I'd say you handled that crisis appropriately! :)


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