Thursday, November 2, 2017

Local News Plus Gossip

Strangest walk ever. Except maybe for the time the sheriffs were hunting for a criminal and advised me to turn around and go home.

Took the sidewalk for a shorter walk because I have so very much to do today and had to duck behind an old broken down house to pee and accidentally walked through a web and the spider, a golden orb weaver, got on my own personal body and I thought I brushed her off.
I continued with my walk and found another beautiful blooming thing that I have no idea how to identify.

I snapped off a piece and brought it home and then continued on to the post office where many packages awaited me. Beautiful! I was toting them home when a guy stopped me and we had a very long conversation about people who used to live in Lloyd, etc., and that was fine except that I was carrying a big box and also, sort of in a hurry. 

Finally got home, felt something on my neck and realized that the spider had been traveling with me for about 45 minutes. 

She was fine and I was fine but I'm sure she is quite disconcerted. 
One minute she's chillin' in her web and the next thing she knows, she's a mile away from home on a porch floor. 
I put her outside in hopes that she'll relocate without too much trauma. 

Okay! That's all. It's a beautiful day and I'm about to hang sheets on the line and do about a million other things and I have no complaints. 

Also? Mick Jagger, who is 74, is allegedly dating a 23-year old. 
Guess he broke up with his ballerina baby-mama. 
Of course this could all be laptop gossip but we are talking about Mick Jagger here so who knows?

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. That is wild! In all the times I've walked into the web of a golden orb weaver (or, as we used to call them, a banana spider) I NEVER got one on me. They usually get out of that web really fast when something big hits it. Poor confused spider!

    1. Well, I broke through her web right where she was. For a few seconds she was on my belly but I really thought I'd gotten her off of me. I do feel sorry for the spider.

  2. GAH. You're so calm about it.

    I dunno about Mick. Maybe he's a little more than just human, hmm? Bit of Pan or something in there.

    1. I think I have to agree with you. And even if the man is 74 years old, he's probably more fit than 99% of the men on earth of any age. So there is that. And hell- the girl has a college degree. I don't think anyone's forcing her to spend time with him.

  3. the beautiful red flower on your it fuzzy? Could it be a Kangaroo Paw? You are on baby watch.......and I am too! I think this is the 4th of your grands I've been on watch for . ;-)
    Susan M

  4. I don't care who Mick Jagger is, 74 dating a 23 year old? Have some dignity Mick. doesn't say much that he still prefers bubbleheads to smart capable mature women.

    I saw that picture. Have you tried uploading it to google's photo image function?

    1. OK, I see she has a degree but nowadays that doesn't really mean anything.


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